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    The livelihoods of many people are dependent on the success of crop harvests. As an example, it has been estimated that more than two million people in Latin America have been affected by coffee rust disease since the 2012 epidemic, causing an estimated $1 billion in economic damage and the potential loss of up to 500,000 jobs. Timely data about the progress of crop pests and diseases can help to mitigate their spread and the onset of epidemics. Learning from growers could potentially inform future space explorers on crop pests and diseases.


    Develop a mobile/web app/SMS capability to help growers who face challenges from crop pests and diseases. The challenge is to develop an app to crowd-source local growers’ information about pests and diseases affecting their crops and the effects on their harvest. The resulting data could be creatively mapped or displayed graphically, e.g. by mapping the spread with time of the pests/ diseases. Crowd-sourced crop pictures could be incorporated for community identification of the pest/disease.

    The key benefits of this application:
    • Works as an early alert system for farmers in neighboring regions, providing them with information in advance about specific pests/ diseases they will need to protect their crops from. It could help to reduce the overuse of pesticides through more targeted preventative measures being identified.
    • Provision of an additional data source for scientists to investigate the links between crop pest / disease spread and the contributing economic, social and meteorological factors.


    Crowd sourced the following attributes. Feel free to add or subtract.

    At the beginning and during the growing season:
    • Location – latitude, longitude
    • Name of pest/ disease or a photo upload
    • Date when the pest/ disease started
    • Current date
    • % area currently affected
    • An option for crop grower to add information about pesticide application.

    Additionally, at the end of the growing season:
    • Date of harvest
    • Percentage of harvest destroyed as a consequence

    Advanced specifications
    • Incorporation of a pest/ disease crowdsourced photo library that users can search to identify the issue affecting their crop. Users could also have the option of adding to this library. If the user doesn't know the name of the pest or disease, then other users could help to identify it. The image identification could be verified through use of a user rating system.
    • Incorporation of weather data (e.g. current anomalies from climatology)
    • Alerts based on meteorological indicators relevant to each crop.

    Sample Resources(Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Healthy Crops

      An Android App to help growers grow healthy crops via informaing them about crop diseases and pests. Visit Project

    • TopCrop

      Entry for Crop Alert Challenge for the 2015 International Space App Challenge. Visit Project

    • Harvest Alert

      The project seeks to collect any information about planting and farmers, making the necessary use of a data base, showing a farmers profile information as well as details of the crops that performs during the season and weather facts. Moreover the data collected can be viewed by other farmers,... Visit Project

    • Growers Based Forceast System (BAUERNREGELN 2.0)

      Local farmers have a lot of special knowledge and experience. These specific knowledge and experience should be collected and put on a plattform where all farmers can use these informations which are important to recognize as early as possible pest and desases of crop. Independent from the techn... Visit Project

    • cropApp2015

      The site provides information about hindrance in Plant's Healthy growth due to Seed,Pesticides , Fertilizers and Biotic elements. The alert is popped to those areas with similar climatic regions.. Visit Project

    • Crop Alert for Farmers

      Crop Alert for Farmers is a handy tool for farmers. Using Crop Alert for Farmers growers can warn nearest neighbors about pests invasion. Website provide map with information on pest type and area of invasion. Additional service is climate shift calculator of Italian locust invasion area. Visit Project

    • CROPP (Cultures Risks Observation and Prevention Platform)

      Our goal is to provide farmers information about their fields' health status. The monitoring includes local sensors for short-term measurements while optical and radar imaging, acquired from satellites, are exploited to study the macroscopic evolution of any dangerous phenomena. In addition to th... Visit Project

    • Transparent Crop Harvest

      This project has been cancled. Visit Project

    • Crop Alert For Local Farmers

      <h2>Aims</h2> Develop a mobile/web app/SMS capability to help growers who face challenges from crop pests and diseases. The key benefits of this application: - Works as an early alert system for farmers in neighboring regions, providing them with information in advance about specific pe... Visit Project

    • Hoe Help

      Our idea is developing an application that can help farmers to send and receive real-time data about: 1) Harvest 2) Plant's diseases 3) Crop Market We want to use Bluemix services offered by IBM. Visit Project

    • Proffesional Farmer

      we are going to give growers the capability to save their crops from pests and diseases by Sharing the the knowledge and experience between growers under supervision specialized persons. This solution will be web app/mobile to collect the data from growers and it will provide them with informa... Visit Project

    • SafeHarvest

      Our goal is to give farmers the ability to track and prevent loss of their crops. Visit Project

    • Coffe Cloud - ( Coffe Crop Alert)

      The project seeks the farmer can conduct a study that shows the risk can have their crops during harvest season, so it seeks to minimize damage to crops and in the best case eliminate such damage, the application also offers the function predictions and warnings about factors that could affect cr... Visit Project

    • CERES

      Web and mobile based app helps farmers to protect their crops/plants against pests and disease with. It uses crowd sourcing and satellite data for analysis and preditiction. - Using geo - location for farmers to tag the position and upload photos and comments of the damaged crops/plants. - Us... Visit Project

    • Agro Alert

      Build crowd-sourced data to anticipate alimentary emergency ... Visit Project

    • Forecast System about the huge outbreak of gypsy moths

      - People can know the outbreak in advance - Public government can plan to rid pests Visit Project

    • Save Your Seed

      Our vision is to create a system that sends messages to the (already subscribed) growers and alert them for some disease, acid rains etc. via SMS texts. Now, our system can send messages, but it's beta version. Our goal is to make a fully operating system that detects diseases, or humidity above ... Visit Project

    • Crop Circles

      Having an early warning system related to pests and diseases, allow a large group of farmers, a complementary tool, which allows you to stay informed and collect various types of threats related to his crops. Knowing whether there is a possible threat that could be lurking crops. The farmer ... Visit Project

    • GrowSafe

      Our ultimate aim is to help farmers to do a clever farming using our app "Grow Safe". Sometimes it happens that farmers do not have enough knowledge about the pesticide they are using and leads to over dosage of a particular pesticide which results in reverse effects like pesticide resistance, cr... Visit Project

    • C-Hive

      C-Hive is aimed to provide a crowdsourced platform for the the growers to learn from others experiencing similar or different but likely to be dangerous issues towards the production .. It could help to reduce the overuse of pesticides through more targeted preventative measures being identified.... Visit Project

    • crop disease alarm

      The main aim of this project is to teach farmers on how to look after their crops.It also aimed at getting those farmers together on the basis of learning from each other and sharing their experiences. Visit Project

    • My Crop

      By sending the crop details, the farmer able to achieve a high yield from that crop. It will give more economical growth to agriculture technology. Also farmers able to record their crops details in that app, as an Nodel officer, he will guide the farmer form that app it self. We are using ERP ... Visit Project

    • Infocrop

      Our project helps to reduce the tiring effort of research over a large period of time and is aimed to collect more valid data since the direct personnel so called farmers are involved. This app is designed with a motive to prevent the possible occurrence of epidemic through out the world, since t... Visit Project

    • Growers based forecast system (BAUERNREGELN 2.0)

      Farmers have a lot of special knowledge in growing plants. These should be collected and put on a platform where all farmers can use these informations which are important to recognize as early as possible pest and desases of crop. Independent from the technological level the farmers are having o... Visit Project

    • Crop pests

      As stated above, our project aims to allow local growers to communicate and inform each other about pests/diseases. They can submit reports of pests' infections, post pictures, share any type of data concerning their harvest in order to take advantage of the experiences of the other farmers on th... Visit Project

    • CropOp

      Introduction/Background: The world is making progress against hunger; the number of people who lack access to quality food has dropped from one in five to one in ten since the 1990s (Stone, 2014). The prevalence of undernourishment has also seen a substantial decrease of about 7% compared to th... Visit Project

    • Seth

      Mobile application to register information about the different conditions that affect the farmers crop on different areas of the world, from pests to weather conditions. Visit Project

    • Crops Hero!

      Web app which helps growers face challenges from pests and diseases, through crowd-sourcing. Visit Project

    • Grainr

      Our project aims to make a crowd-sourced app that provides farmers with tools to make their work process easier.Show your farm to the world and let other farmers help you with your job. Visit Project

    • CropAlerts by CropGeeks

      #CropAlert-iOS 1. An app to help the crop growers build healthy and less or no toxic farms. 2. Increase the learning of the farmer. 3. Keep them updated with new trends and happenings. 4. Consult the fellow farmers. 5. Maintain histroy and learn from past actions. Visit Project

    • AgroCare

      AgroCare is a Web responsive and crowsourced plaftorm that allows the farmers to get informed about pests and diseases that are near to their farms, or even around their global position. Users can report any disease on their crops to let others know about it so they can prevent this happens on th... Visit Project

    • Open Crop Harvest

      This project helps to collect any information about planting, harvest, farmers by making the necessary use of a database, showing a farmers' profile information, their harvest, use of insecticides and pesticides and its effects on crops and harvest, as well as the details of the crops that perfor... Visit Project

    • The Farmer's Network

      The aim of our project is to connect the farmers between them and to help them to have an idea about the diseases spread in their region by creating an account in our website, then they are localized on the map which allow them to see the diseases in the near locations with a specific description... Visit Project

    • Growers APP

      It contins the complete database for all the diseases of the crops and the pests that have to be prevented in order to save it from diseases using GIBS image as well as live feeds from the sensors Visit Project


      "KirshiCulture's" Objective is to connects the farmers with the precise knowledge of farming and also this application is generating money by sponsoring their seed products to farmer. It also helps in growing our GDP and preventing the crops by using the weather forecast information. Visit Project

    • Washamba App

      This project aims to help solve several challenges that humanity faces in dealing with pests and diseases. In particular the project aims to achieve the following goals; Provide a platform for crowd sourcing information on pests and diseases and all relevant variables associated with their occ... Visit Project

    • Crop alert app

      As stated above, our project aims to allow local growers to communicate and inform each other about pests/diseases. They can submit reports of pests' infections, post pictures, share any type of data concerning their harvest in order to take advantage of the experiences of the other farmers on th... Visit Project

    • Crop pests & diseases information system

      We would like to reduce the amount of famine in the world by choosing this project and creating a website/mobile application that will be able to provide information for preventing any possible diseases, hazards or dangers involved with crop growing and development. For this reason we have chosen... Visit Project

    • CropDrone and Farmers Community

      The crowd-sourced crop pictures cloud be incorporated for community identification and alerting farmers in neighboring regions will reduce the spread of epidemics. The project innovation is that it can be connected with agriculture governance laboratory,Added to that it provides Data visualisati... Visit Project

    • Cropper

      Cropper is a near real-time crowd-sourced disaster prevention network made for growers to be notified in case of dangerous events such as floods, storms, plagues or diseases, among others. Anyone can submit information about events associated with a location and attach custom information speci... Visit Project

    • CropAlertApplication

      As stated above, our project aims to allow local growers to communicate and inform each other about pests/diseases. They can submit reports of pests' infections, post pictures, share any type of data concerning their harvest in order to take advantage of the experiences of the other farmers on th... Visit Project

    • The Farmers

      The main goal of this project is to help the growers who face challenges from crop pests and diseases by using both crowd source data and already developed database of different agricultural agencies of the world. We want to develop such an app in which local growers can share information about p... Visit Project

    • Top Crop

      Entry for Crop Alert Challenge for the 2015 International Space App Challenge Visit Project

    • BLIH (Bigdata Localized Info Harvester)

      This project is aimed to accumulate as many data as possible. This project want to give to everybody the capability to contribute in precious environmental data harvesting. So, if you have a mobile phone, netbook, notebook or a simple pc, you can contribute signalling strange behaviour in your ne... Visit Project

    • Save My Crops

      Save My Crops has a goal to provide tools for growers that can help them protect their crops in early stages of threat occurance nearby. This is achived by implementation of web GIS. By using a web map growers are provided with tools for mapping their crop fields and reporting occurances of pests... Visit Project


      The application is aimed at solving the crop alert challenge. we decided to make a mobile application that runs on mobile devices. The application is connected to the online servers that store the information received from the users. The servers also contain lots of information that the user can... Visit Project

    • What The Crop?

      ![whatthecrop logo]( # Goals - Assist farmers to better understand the weather condition a... Visit Project

    • Agralert

      #User Story: Utilizing Agralert’s simple 5-step process, farmers can share information about agricultural losses caused by outbreaks and natural disasters. For example, a farmer who discovers they have lost crops due to pests would go through the following process: 1. Farmer sends a te... Visit Project


      Cropdoc is a crowdsourced android application aimed to support the farmers in curing crop diseases by sharing their experiences. It uses the Geotagging feature based upon GPS services so that co-located farmers can communicate to solve their problems. The app comprises of many features as follow... Visit Project

    • AgroQuest

      AgroQuest is a global web platform for collecting, analyzing, predicting and sharing crop information, built on RESTful API. It will collect crop disease and pest related data by region from farmers and experts on crop nutrition all over the world. The data will accessible by anyone through a wel... Visit Project

    • RAIZ

      RAIZ seeks innovate the area of agribusiness around the world, offering a friendly interface for users (farmers, experts, researchers, fans, etc.) who want to interact with people of the same interest. RAIZ is a collaborative-informative platform for sharing knowledge and experiences on pests, cr... Visit Project

    • AgriGuard

      # **AgriGuard - Space Apps 2015, Crop Alert Challenge** *AgriGuard* is a text messaging based platform with a two fold mission; farmer empowerment and clean and useful presentation of relevant data. It is envisioned to be a one stop shop for growers with little or no technical knowledge. It is... Visit Project

    • Pestbuster

      So far, here's what we have created: * first, we have a database model designed to contain open source data about diseases, pests, crops and corresponding alerts; * we have a desktop app prototype and a HTML5 bootstrap webapp prototype, * we have collected open source datas about crops, d... Visit Project


      Description 1. For registered users, the system alerts about potential pest issues using SMS 2. The app will have a search feature that will provide a probable crop disease/pest information based on various search criteria including symptoms,location,crop etc. 3. The app also provi... Visit Project

    • Crop Care

      Our service facilitates efficient crop care and yield improvement through analysis, advice and timely alerts based on crowd-sourced crop pest and disease data. Crop Care is an Android based application, created to meet the challenge of providing an accessible and reliable service to minimize t... Visit Project

    • OpenFarms

      The aims and objective of OpenFarms is to use crowdsourced data to provide the reduce the loss of agricultural produce - Crowdsourcing information from the farmers through the OpenFarms web application, <br/> OpenFarms phone app, <br/> Voice calls(In their native language)<br/><br/> -Dis... Visit Project

    • Cropinator

      # CROPINATOR # Description -------------- Cropinator is a multilingual and GPS-based mobile application that allows farmers and agriculture enthusiasts to post pest problems as alerts for diagnoses from other farmers who have experienced or experiencing the same problem in other to reduce pe... Visit Project

    • CropBuddy

      CropBuddy allows users to post alerts of any crop related disease occurring in a specific region using images and locations (longitude and latitude) and with the use of Google Satellite Maps, display the exact location and quadrant on a map where the disease has infected crops and is spreading. C... Visit Project

    • cultibook

      cultibook is a master system, it will give information about crops and their take . It will be also a method to give an alert to farmers, when a pest is near them. Alerts will be give from the users, when they take a picture of the pest and they give a little description of it's look, asking f... Visit Project

    • ReCrop

      Recrop is a tool for every grower and researcher, as well as an opportunity to establish a global community of growers, that can provide updates for the protection of their crops. Basically, the app provides information and updates about detected pests and diseases, giving also the solution to... Visit Project

    • hotfarm

      Hotfarm is a web-based application that can be accessed on cross-platforms i.e Mobile, Desktop computers, Tablet Pc's. It basically serves as assistant to farmers across West Africa who are plagued with crop pests and diseases that most times constitute great loss during harvest, so it helps fa... Visit Project

    • CropApp SpaceChallenge Chile 2015

      Con nuestro grupo Mindbender Dynamics nos enfrentamos al reto de desarrollar un sistema que permitiera a través de la colaboración colectiva establecer el crecimiento de plagas al rededor de un cultivo. La propuesta nuestra fue utilizar esa información para generar un sistema predictivo para l... Visit Project

    • Plant MD

      Our project blends 2 themes: Crops & Water. We merged 2 groups to form one since we had a shared vision. We would like to connect with other SpaceApps teams that are developing water sensor hardware or farm monitoring drone hardware to add greater intelligence to our app and combine forces. Cr... Visit Project

    • BubulShot

      bubulshot Bubulshot is an interactive mobile application that helps farmers all over the world to trace their crops' health and save it from various diseases that could possibly infect it causing its damage. Bubulshot helps farmers identify the type of disease infected the plants through the im... Visit Project

    • Smiley Farmer - Crop Aleart

      The civilization from antiquity to the modern era agriculture is the most important elements for livelihoods. But the twenty-first century, the agricultural revolution of the millennium problem that remains is that the grain of the disease, when the joy of science everywhere. This disease is not ... Visit Project

    • Healthy Crops Assistance System - HECAS

      The HECAS project is a Web platform developed in Java programing language that will help farmers through a series of alerts and information about how to control and exterminate plagues. It will promote decreasing pesticide use, promoting environmental positive impacts. It is a collaborative netw... Visit Project

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