The primary need for humans to survive, food. Hunger is one of the greatest problems that is growing every year, even more when epidemics strike. One of the most recent epidemics was in 2012 in Latin America, that caused an estimated 1$ billion in financial amount and caused poverty for 2 million people. Of course, it is only natural to solve whatever obstacle comes ahead, so do not panic as our purpose for creating this website is utmost servile.

This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.


We would like to reduce the amount of famine in the world by choosing this project and creating a website/mobile application that will be able to provide information for preventing any possible diseases, hazards or dangers involved with crop growing and development. For this reason we have chosen four countries from four different continents, as we would like to try and form strategies from varieties of research. Countries: Macedonia, USA, Russia, Tanzania. One of the greatest deeds a person can do is to help others, especially those in need, and our aim is to strive for doing so with utmost excellence.

Project Information

License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)

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  • Tumsime Kondo
  • Stefan Shorko
  • Vele Noveski
  • Dejan Tanaskoski