OpenFarms aims to solve to control the spread of pests and diseases in parts of the worldby providing a platform for crowdsourcing information about outbreaks from farms,towns, agricultural sector stakeholder.Members can report outbreaks through all form of media(text messages, Voice calls, OpenFarms mobile application, OpenFarms web application). OpenFarms automatically sends SMS ALERT messages to registered members when outbreaks reports have reached a tipping point.

This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.


The aims and objective of OpenFarms is to use crowdsourced data to provide the reduce the loss of agricultural produce

  • Crowdsourcing information from the farmers through the OpenFarms web application, [HTML_REMOVED] OpenFarms phone app, [HTML_REMOVED] Voice calls(In their native language)[HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED] -Displaying crowdsourced data about recent occurences of various pests and diseases through the use of Google Maps.[HTML_REMOVED] -Alerting registered farmers in specific areas about confirmed outbreaks in their areas and how to control them.

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Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)



  • Taiye Oloriade
  • Mishael Kama