we are taking the crop alerts challenge. our group has made a mobile application to run on android devices. farmers will be able to download the application in their phones. the application will enable us collect data from users about crop diseases and pest. the farmer will be able to take photos of the affected crop and sent it to us. since the app will be linked different research organizations,they will be able to predict in case a certain region is affected by a crop disease or pest.

This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.


The application is aimed at solving the crop alert challenge. we decided to make a mobile application that runs on mobile devices. The application is connected to the online servers that store the information received from the users. The servers also contain lots of information that the user can query in case of a of a crop disease or in case of pest infestation on his or her crops. The queries made by users will be analysed and grouped according to regions. This will help agricultural officials know about the affected areas and advice the farmer in such areas on what they should do in order to control it.

Through the application, farmers will be able to receive daily advice(tip of the day). Farmers have same planting season, the advice will be highly effective to all farmers as their crops progresses.The daily tip is supposed to cover the challenges farmers experience during certain periods and advice them on what to be done for maximum yields of their crops. It will also tell them what control measures to take in case of a disease or pest outbreak.

The application will also store all the post that the farmer has made. This will enable him to keep track of all the post he/she has made. It will help also evaluate the progress of the crops.

The application also has a section where the user can upload an image of the affected crops and give a short description of the problem. This is the major part as it helps us collect information of what is happening at the ground. The application will also have access to large servers of agricultural information enabling the user to do thorough crop research.

With this application, the problem of food insecurity and poverty caused by disease and paste attacks on crops will be reduced.

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License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)



  • Isaac Kyalo
  • abdulsalam swaleh
  • john watt
  • Liwel Maingi
  • Isaac Kyalo