Basically My Crop is an Agricultural Mobile Application, Today we are all know, agriculture gets down in every country as well as many trees are cutting down for many purposes. My Idea is crating a Mobile Application which gives the idea about planting the corp in current situation. Nowadays climate get changed a lot, so farmers are get affected to plant a correct crop. Our Application will sends the exact answer to their phone at particular time from the Nodel officer of particular place.

This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.


By sending the crop details, the farmer able to achieve a high yield from that crop. It will give more economical growth to agriculture technology. Also farmers able to record their crops details in that app, as an Nodel officer, he will guide the farmer form that app it self. We are using ERP foment in this technology, every farmer have this app in their phone they have to record their crops in that app. based on the crop and days it automatically intimate feed the fertilizer to that crop like that we will intimate to the farmer.

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License: Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)