The vision is to provide a forecast system for growers/framers who are on different technological levels. The system can be described as a local communication broadcast for growers/framers to share information about diseases and pests to all surrounding participants.

This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.


Local farmers have a lot of special knowledge and experience. These specific knowledge and experience should be collected and put on a plattform where all farmers can use these informations which are important to recognize as early as possible pest and desases of crop. Independent from the technological level the farmers are having or using.

The hudge amount of datas and informations which are already existing-from universities, institutions- should be prepared as simple as possible. Then the farmers can immediatly use these informations for their daily work. They can made better decisions to combat pest and deseases. They can share their knowledge and gain new informations about pest and deseases.

Cooperation with fair trade communities can help farmers to sell their harvest. Local opinion leaders can help to promote this plattform and its advantadges to the local farmers. So the communication and the networking of the farmers is strengthend and is more intensive. The speed of clima change effects is raising and therefor the farmers also have to react faster than in the past.

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