Our goal is to motivate the growers to grow healthier and products with more quality. As the buyers can benefit with eating healthier food, also the growers will be motivated. Better product = better benefits = more motivation to produce. Our motto is "Healthy food for better life".

This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.


Our vision is to create a system that sends messages to the (already subscribed) growers and alert them for some disease, acid rains etc. via SMS texts. Now, our system can send messages, but it's beta version. Our goal is to make a fully operating system that detects diseases, or humidity above the normal, or air pollution...or something else negative for the products of one area, and alert every grower of that area via SMS. Of course, if we make a deal with the mobile companies, we can send SMS texts to every single one in selected area by finding their coordinates via GPS. About the potentially threats, we need to consult with experts of this domain to have more details and create project about this issue. If we are going to continue with creating the final solution of this challenge, we need a lot of research. I mean a lot. We are enthusiastic group of people and open for work.

Project Information

License: Adaptive Public License (APL-1.0)

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  • Кристијан Најдовски
  • Dragan Ilievski
  • Dimitar Stefanovski
  • Tome Kiriazi