Cropdoc is a crowdsourced GPS based android application using Geotagging (i.e.. using the GPS service to find longitude and latitude location, and use it as a parameter for efficient data retrieval to the particular set of targeted users ), mainly aimed at establishing quick and easy communication among farmers of the same geographical physical locations (as diseases to crops are mostly regional basis i.e.. a crop disease in INDIA may not occur in USA) for the quick and confident addressal of issues regarding their crop diseases. A farmer can address a solution to other farmer basing upon his personal experience, so cropdoc acts as a communicating platform. It also includes other forecast services useful to farmers for making good yield of their crops using the NASA satellite data.

This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.


Cropdoc is a crowdsourced android application aimed to support the farmers in curing crop diseases by sharing their experiences. It uses the Geotagging feature based upon GPS services so that co-located farmers can communicate to solve their problems. The app comprises of many features as follows: 1.) Post a problem and experiences: Farmers can post their problems with Description and a photograph of their crop diseases 2.) View Farmer Experiences: Farmers can view other farmer’s experiences within his region. We have used the "Geotagging" feature here for efficient data retrieval to the targeted farmers as “crop diseases are generally specific to geographical region”. 3.) Crop Details: The farmer can search for a crop or a disease and can get complete information about it. 4.) Crop Diseases: This service provides all information related to general crop diseases and their cure so that the farmer can search for his concerned data over here. 5.) Forecasts: Farmers can fetch various forecast Information like Rain, Temperature, depressions, droughts etc.. From LIVE NASA Satellite Data. 6.) Pest watch: PEST WATCH is another forecast service using the satellite data which alerts the farmers about the out-bursting crop diseases over their region. 7.) Climate diagnostics: Provides the atmosphere changes, land surface availability, hydrosphere data provided by NASA. 8.) Research Data: agro researchers CAN view real time data of various disciplines provided by NASA satellites. Thus cropdoc is an effective real time solution that can help farmers in facing their crop diseases.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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