This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.

This project is aimed to accumulate as many data as possible. This project want to give to everybody the capability to contribute in precious environmental data harvesting. So, if you have a mobile phone, netbook, notebook or a simple pc, you can contribute signalling strange behaviour in your near environment. So the system will store information about strange insect never seen before, strange both plant or animal disease, or the perceived heat, and so on. It is evident that this kind of data are heterogeneus but today these dataset are really useful for both statistic use or for bigdata processing. The simplest use case is about the diffusion of a "new" kind of insect: in the area A some amused peoples start to signal a new alien insect. After a while some other peoples start to signal new plant disease. It is possibile that these fact are related. If we have our "heterogeneous" dataset it is possible that it contains precious relation between apparently uncurrelated events.

"Two" technical words: we are not collecting personal data... we have not planned to collect personal data from users. The users will use a web page/web app so that the participation in the project's activity will be totally evident and the users will be totally aware of the project's target and activities.

The project to be meaningful will require a massive participation so, please help us to spread the news! :-)

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  • Giovambattista Vieri