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    Access to drinking water remains a significant challenge in rural areas of the developing world where its users, type of access and access limitations are largely unknown. We need access to clean water both on and off the planet. Space engineers who design the systems onboard the International Space Station look for innovative ways to make water available as a valuable resource. Improved understanding of a community's' need for water is critical for long-duration human spaceflight, and also for development efforts on Earth -- including understanding spatial and temporal population distributions and water needs with respect to water availability. Learning more about drinking water on Earth could potentially inform future space explorers on techniques to use during long-duration spaceflights.


    The challenge is to improve mapping of drinking water resources. This could include development of a crowdsourcing app to monitor and map: potable water availability (well/stream/reservoir levels as measured by local people/ organizations), water quality, contaminants and ground water. This can help with identification of priority areas experiencing water stress (spatially and temporally) and contribute to improved access to drinking water. Along with available soil, weather and climate data, this could feed into early warning systems for regions that are under water stress.


    • Consider creating an app that is accessible to technical users (managers and technicians of organized rural aqueducts) and non-technical users (individuals or support staff of community systems for water provision).
    • Your app should aim to assess drinking water sources. These include: individual/communal household wells; water takes from surface streams that are piped across the landscape to be distributed to several households; or specific access points (where the water source location is distant from the user's location).
    • Your app could identify water availability from the identified source, and the water requirement for those who use this water source. This will help to identify areas vulnerable to water stress. The flow and number of users can be highly variable, in particular groundwater use and availability is widely unknown.
    • You may want to crowd-source information about issues that affect access to the local water sources. Access limitations can include: yearly dry-season length; frequency of drought spells; heavy precipitation events damaging infrastructure or affecting water quality (sediments). Other hazards include point (industrial or households sources) or diffuse (agriculture with intense chemical inputs) contaminant sources. Spatial and temporal monitoring and mapping of these issues is an urgent need.

    Sample Resources(Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

    Relevant Datasets (Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • BDCleanWaterMapping

      This project aims to discover the places of drinking water resources and direction using global map service like esri, Google earth etc. To achieve this and proper data collection from survey reports of trusted organizations. Web application designed by the modern frameworks and other technical i... Visit Project

    • acw

      the app is supposed to collect data on sources of clean water around a certain area and be able to provide it to reseachers,water consumers Visit Project

    • pacificbluewater

      Create an Adaptive App to enable crowd sourcing of Water use and water quality . Users will be able to search and submit information to the water quality repository using their smartphone. Information submitted will be visible via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Visit Project

    • YakuWorld CleanWaterMapping

      DESCRIPCIÓN REQUERIDA: El surgimiento de nuevas plataformas móviles como Apple iOS y Android, acompañado de un impresionante desarrollo tecnológico de dispositivos tales como teléfonos inteligentes y tabletas han revolucionado el desarrollo de aplicaciones. La nueva tendencia es brindar a lo... Visit Project

    • cleanwater

      Our project aims to improve the mapping of information regarding the water quality of our planet. Water quality mapping is a topic of critical importance, as it can reduce the current access limitations to drinking water in rural areas of the developing world and can also help scientists identify... Visit Project

    • Dew Drop Picker

      Coming Soon Visit Project

    • WaterExplorers

      We are planning to develop a web application to improve mapping of drinking water resources. We are gathering information from Internet about countries and we will put in our web site so people can see : potable water availability, reservoir levels,water quality, contaminants and ground water. Th... Visit Project

    • Clean World Water

      The prototype for our clean water mapping solution will focus on three main features: a user-friendly interface for submitting individual data, visual presentation of specific publicly available data on water, and basic forecasting capabilities. Another component of our project is the development... Visit Project

    • WaterImprove

      WaterImprove's achievement is to let the world know about the quality of the water they drink in real time. This is possible by retrieving data from different data sources around the world and feeding people with this information. Visit Project

    • Water Resources Management and Mapping System

      Recent years due to adverse climatic conditions and subjectivity in making management decisions in the management of water resources of the Republic of Bulgaria occurred lasting negative consequences on the territory of the country as follows: significant material damage to buildings and arable... Visit Project

    • Clean Water

      Our project is currently going to be in Android platform. We have divided the improvement in two stages which are given below 1) In stage 1: User will be able to provide input of the water availability in their current location, what type of water source (Well, big pond, lake or a river etc) a... Visit Project

    • Water Water Every Where, Mark it Safe if you Care

      a. There will be option for two types of User. One type is Contributor: who will contribute by providing data regarding water sources, water quality, contaminants and ground water. Another type of user is Seeker: Who will use the app to find the best water source in his/her nearby place. b. Aft... Visit Project

    • Patrick the Star Explorer

      <table> <tr> <td>Aim</td> <td>How ?</td> </tr> <tr> <td>To Build a working prototype for clean water detection</td> <td>Using Some Designs and open-source projects</td> </tr> <tr> <td>To Build a application capable of cartograp... Visit Project

    • CleanWaterWiki.org

      The purpose of this project is to map existing clean water sources, as well as crowd source discovery and ongoing validation. In regions of known water scarcity, people can often spend 6hr+ of each day gathering water of varying quality. Our goals are to provide mapping information to locate thes... Visit Project

    • Find Your Water

      We will use data map visualization in this application. Will keep updating. Visit Project

    • Water Is Life!

      Aplicación orientada para la gestión de ongs, gobiernos y organismos oficiales en países subdesarrollados y en el tercer mundo para la ubicación de los puntos de agua potable. Visit Project

    • gravitiy mapping kraft

      One of the main resources for the life is the water. our project is dedicated to search of the water or minerals in the planet's underground. In this project shows a way to find water or any other material in the planet where the deep doesn't matter. Visit Project

    • Worldrop Mapping

      Wordrop collect s information about water all over the world from crowd and organizations with the purpouse of help researchers in studying water on the Earth. Everyone will know the characteristics of water wherever and whenever they wants. We strongly believe in the crowd power, so we think tha... Visit Project

    • Environment Earth

      The issues raised about the environment. I deepen the knowledge of environmental issues. Individuals think about the environment. Visit Project

    • Awesome_Clean_Water

      The What The identification of specific locations where clean water sources can be found within certain areas. This application aims to allow users to upload photos in a fun and easy way that allows their friends and family an opportunity to see their discovery and even visit it. It correlates ... Visit Project

    • Drinking Water in Space

      There are two systems in INWATERSENSE that require equipment and supplies to be acquired. The main system is a WSN that will be deployed in the source Rasche for monitoring water quality and will require: • Several deployment sites of sensors connected through a wireless network to each other;... Visit Project

    • Clean Water WebmApping

      This crowd-sourcing based web application aims to detect areas under water stress in Morocco, a country in which the ratio of ressources availabilty to population decreases more and more as it gets closer to 500 m3/hab/year over the years, the critical limit of serious water stress warning. Our... Visit Project

    • Clean Water Finder

      Finding Water ------------------ To find some water, simply open the website and use the geolocation to find nearby water locations. Each pins on the map has a different color corresponding to the quality of the water. By clicking on pins, you can also see what data has been measured to de... Visit Project

    • Aerial

      # Aerial We provide the information of the close point of water which is able to drink and the navigation from somewhere to there. The first function is navigation.The 2nd is visualize and illustrate those, ## for example - faucet - Soil Moisture, - Amount of Precipitation, - Sea ... Visit Project

    • My Water-Seeker

      This project's main purpose is to find and file different locations where we can find clean water, so that through a web app, users can easily access to it. It starts with a device, which searches for water sources with reflective and humidity sensors, along with a tracking device (GPS) , this... Visit Project

    • Fresh water lake

      Shows the fresh water lakes Visit Project

    • Pi mAPPS

      Our project seeks to use all available sources of information about water resources, for the common and technical users to browse that info in a fast and simple way. The data inclusion is simple on the first stage, but we expect to design an integration with government sources for a first databas... Visit Project

    • Tech Titans

      Develop a Crowd Sourcing Platform to map water sources Web portal using cartodb (with satellite imagery as a backdrop) Mobile App (Android) to collect geotagged data/pictures in the field: crowd sourcing & for organizations Clean water dataset (Sourcing, Adaptation, classification) Tubewel... Visit Project

    • Worldrop

      Wordrop collect s information about water all over the world from crowd and organizations with the purpouse of help researchers in studying water on the Earth. Everyone will know the characteristics of water wherever and whenever they wants. We strongly believe in the crowd power, so we think tha... Visit Project

    • WED 2.0

      The main purpose of WED is to help people have access to safe drinking water. There are currently more than 1000 million people in the world that lacks access to an easily accessible and safe water source, such as a connection to water mains or a protected well. Instead, water access is limited o... Visit Project

    • The Watter Matter

      The challenge is to create an application that allows access to clean water sources. Two kinds of users will interact with the application, normal and technical ones. Technical users will be provided with equipment that will enable them to test water availability and its quality, and then they wi... Visit Project

    • Aquolity

      Propósito Generar un Data Warehouse participativo de recursos hídricos, indicadores de calidad y factores que afectan la accesibilidad de agua bebible. Concientizar y educar a la población sobre el uso y la disponibilidad de agua bebible en las comunidades. Características principales P... Visit Project

    • Hydrus

      Da finire Visit Project

    • Project Hydrus

      Hydrus is the crowsourcing app, ready for mobile, collecting and making available the closest single source of clean water. In every country. For everybody. Visit Project

    • DropLet

      The project aims to increase awareness on the water crisis around the world. Visit Project

    • izumi

      Goal: This project aims to improve the mapping of drinking water. Through crowd-sourcing and data driven analysis, the database of drinking water resources will not only grow, but also accurately reflect the source's condition and what it may be at risk of. Overview of Functionality: - User... Visit Project

    • Where Did The Water Go

      We decided saturday morning that we would like to help create a solution to the clean water mapping challenge because we understand the impact access to fresh water has on the quality of life for a local population. We also felt that this challenge would give us an opportunity to leverage technol... Visit Project

    • cousteau

      MAIN OBJECTIVE: * Raise awareness of the state of the potable water in the world. OVERALL OBJECTIVES: * Collect water samples at an specific place and time. * Make pH and Temperature testing measures in-situ to have data in real time. * To s... Visit Project

    • Water Matters

      We built a data visualization to display the resources and use of water in every county in the united states. Just select your county the data you need will appear instantly. Visit Project

    • CMOREBot

      Data+Empathy=Social Change. We want everyone in the world to have the ability to test environmental elements that may be of concern in their neighborhoods, particularly water. Using a robot to collect data makes sense, because it provides safety for people. It also allows data streams to be sent ... Visit Project

    • Water Mapping

      We will design a system consisting of several sensors, which capture and send data through SMS text messages periodically, we will analyze this data in our servers, and will compare it with the minimum water standard for human consumption. We then will create models based on comparisons of our da... Visit Project

    • Böle (Crowd-testing water sources)

      Who? ===== > We are a team of 13 students for several different areas of science, raging from environmental engineering to mathematics and business administration. Böle is a word in cabecar, a native american culture that resides on Costa Rican highlands. It means water spring. Why?... Visit Project

    • resmor

      We want to sell resmor “smart” water bottle, and by so doing that (buy these bottles), you’re helping to improve the life of another person by providing them with access to clean water. Access to clean water can and does transform lives, and a better means of improved health, education and in... Visit Project

    • Clean Water Finder 2

      Finding Water ------------------ To find some water, simply open the website and use the geolocation to find nearby water locations. Each pins on the map has a different color corresponding to the quality of the water. By clicking on pins, you can also see what data has been measured to de... Visit Project

    • FresH2o

      Current drinking water data is focused on developed nations, it is collected by separate organizations and not widely shared. Taken collectively the data has significant gaps. Now, with more than half of the world using a cell phone these gaps can be filled in to the benefit of water users and wa... Visit Project

    • http://cw-maps.eu-gb.mybluemix.net

      -Support to project leaders Many entrepreneurs especially social entrepreneurs who would like to create of start ups to meet a demand for drinking water in the most affected areas, could have real and accurate information on the situation of these countries to determine drinking water needs mat... Visit Project

    • ¡Aguas! con tu agua

      La idea principal es poder llegar a la población guatemalteca a través del uso de la aplicación Web-movil, que proporcione datos sobre aspectos biofísicos mostrados sobre un mapa web dinámico, basado en datos de GPS muestra la ubicación del usuario lo que permite que el visualice la cuenca en la ... Visit Project

    • Water Explorers

      The main purpose of our team was to create a web application that clearly depicts 3D mapping of resources for safe and clean drinking water. The designed interface is user friendly, many of the resources are presented through graphs and pie chart enabling easy read and understanding. On the map ... Visit Project


      Project’s objectives are the following : 1. To provide water stakeholders (water professionals, water and sanitation companies NGO’s etc) with a web-based solution that will allow them to input data about available quantity and quality of water 2. To allow citizen watch by communities using the... Visit Project

    • Space Lagoon

      Goals: Create an application that crowd-sources water sources and displays water sources closest to you Work with non-profit organisations that are working on water projects Completely map all the available water sources on this planet Visit Project

    • Global Clean Water Mapper

      Our Approach is to create a Data Collection Application for cell phones, which collects information from Individuals all over the world and Organizations like hydro-geologist groups, EPA Certified Organizations and NGOs. The importance of SMS push-pull services will allow us to make even the most... Visit Project

    • Water Map

      Short Description ======== Background and Challenges -------- Potable water is inevitable but very limited natural resource. Besides the access to potable water sources is a great challenge, especially at the local level in the developing world. Water use in a community is affected by a lot o... Visit Project

    • Clean Water Mapping (Pani Padhera)

      The project aims to identify the unknown, unidentified and unknown water resources. Also this project provide the detail about the water resource nearby the location and the different detail about the water purity label of the source of the water. The main objective of this project is to map ... Visit Project

    • Clean Water App

      The application's intention is to provide information about the water quality in different locations. Data about the water quality will be obtained from on site measurements. We want to provide an embedded system for measuring different water quality parameters. The device will communicate with a... Visit Project

    • Water Finder App

      Almost a billion people around the world walk for hours every day to get water. Even then, not all water is clean. Thousands of people die daily because they lack access to clean water. We’re creating Water Finder ([watch the video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmSqUksvC_4/ "Title")), a so... Visit Project

    • Global Water Database

      Water is one of the most important resources of life on earth. However, it can be the source of certain diseases due to its drinkable issues. In spite of its importance in development process of life beings, water is insufficient or inaccessible in some areas of the globe. In fact our project Gl... Visit Project

    • Dowsr

      769, 000, 0000....... That's Right approximately 769 million people on Earth do not have access to safe water. In today's population that is around 10% of the total population of Earth. This is a very shocking number considering how technologically developed Earth is. Team Dowsr's aim is to... Visit Project

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