Our project is focused on the development of a web-based crowdsourcing application that allows users to upload water-related data about their local water source in addition to providing basic forecasting and visualization of water information retrieved from public databases.

This project is solving the Clean Water Mapping challenge.


The prototype for our clean water mapping solution will focus on three main features: a user-friendly interface for submitting individual data, visual presentation of specific publicly available data on water, and basic forecasting capabilities. Another component of our project is the development of an open-source water quality measurement tool that allows users to easily measure specific water quality parameters and automatically update the application.

Project Information

License: Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)

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  • Airton da Silva
  • Takeshi OSOEKAWA
  • Lyubomir Dopchev
  • Yuichi Yazaki
  • Shinobu Izumi
  • haotian wu
  • Airton da Silva