CMOREBot believes that data can change the world. We created a robot to empower citizen scientists around the world because our communities are increasingly at risk from environmental hazards.

This project is solving the Clean Water Mapping challenge.


Data+Empathy=Social Change. We want everyone in the world to have the ability to test environmental elements that may be of concern in their neighborhoods, particularly water. Using a robot to collect data makes sense, because it provides safety for people. It also allows data streams to be sent to a site for visualization, such as charts and geographic location. The sensors in our prototype were created swiftly thanks to an Intel Edison board and its complement of sensors. Currently we have a temperature sensor, light sensor and GPS. We will expand to include many other environmental and chemical sensors.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

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  • JB Zurn
  • Kyle Yankanich
  • Anulekha  Venkatram
  • Steven Shim
  • Niki Selken
  • Peter  Perreault
  • David Morfin
  • Kit Farman
  • Catherine Farman
  • masuma ahmed
  • Leslie Birch