This project is about locating areas of fresh water all around the world.

This project is solving the Clean Water Mapping challenge.


-Support to project leaders Many entrepreneurs especially social entrepreneurs who would like to create of start ups to meet a demand for drinking water in the most affected areas, could have real and accurate information on the situation of these countries to determine drinking water needs materials and financial resources to help the people of this area.

-As an educational course materials For students or professors who needs information for their presentations and course material. The website will contain comprehensive information about each area of the map, not just about the amount of drinking water, but by extension from the outlook, it will know given as climate, urban population density and the relief.

-Allow states and NGOs to have reliable data The reliability of the data provided is important, or many sources contradisent, so the goal of our website is to go to the findings of official data based on sources sisters to permettres organizations and governments to take action correct with respect to the management of water.

-Highlight the available water resourxes of a country The website will be provided with a dynamic interface and simple to understand. The amount of water in each country will be represented by a blue color, the density will be even larger than the amount of water. This method will provide a global view on the world and can easily Local orientation the missing areas.

All this objectives will aim to Provide a web interface accessible to structures oparating in the field of water management

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License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)

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