The project is driven by applicative research in the areas of waters and information technology to respond to the society’s vital need for healthy environment, i.e., better living. It maintains that such an approach is not only the right thing to do in light of Macedonian’s need to secure a social wellbeing for its citizens in the sector, but that it is also in the self-interest of the research community.

This project is solving the Clean Water Mapping challenge.


There are two systems in INWATERSENSE that require equipment and supplies to be acquired. The main system is a WSN that will be deployed in the source Rasche for monitoring water quality and will require: • Several deployment sites of sensors connected through a wireless network to each other; the number of deployment sites and their configuration will be determined as part of the design phase of WSN system. • One base station per deployment site mainly consisting of electronics/battery/comms, and cables from the river basin to the river water body. • A central remote station to take control over the whole WSN system in the river and which connects to the sensors via their base stations located in the rivers basin of the given deployment site. Another smaller in size system is the mobile sensing system which will consist of sensors embedded in mobile devices and delivering their quality data from the terrain to the server. A software will be used to gather water quality data from sensors.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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Drinking Water in Space -


  • Azem Smajli
  • Bojamin Musli
  • Burim Rexhepi