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    Zero Robotics is a robotics challenge where students have the opportunity to utilize the International Space Station as a laboratory to test programming codes from the ground using Synchronized, Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient Experimental Satellites (SPHERES). The program, led by MIT, is aimed at engaging students in innovative, complementary learning opportunities, as well as increasing student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. NASA joined the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the European Space Agency, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space and IT consulting firm Appirio in hosting the live microgravity competition.

    NASA’s SPHERES program – Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites --consist of three free flying vehicles inside the International Space Station identifiable by their shell colors of Red, Blue, and Orange. Initially the SPHERES were designed for testing of control theory algorithms. The Satellites are about the size and mass of a bowling ball and use cold gas thrusters (CO2) to propel the vehicles around a fixed experimental volume. The SPHERES program currently operates out of the Japanese Experimental Module (JEM) inside Station. SPHERES uses ultrasound beacons as a metrology system to identify its position in conjunction with accelerometers, and gyroscopes.


    Zero Robotics is a robotics programming competition that starts online with teams programming a space bot (called SPHERES) to solve problems onboard the International Space Station. An astronaut conducts the competition in zero g with a live broadcast for viewers back home on planet Earth.

    We want you to create your own Earth-based robotics competition: build a robot, program it, and create your own competition with friends, co-workers, and/or members of your community. You can choose do any or all of these steps, or build an app to simulate Zero Robotics competition on your mobile device. Surprise us.

    Or, you can design an app that helps you better understand, practice, compete, or receive timely updates on intermediate and final competition results? Or, you can create a smartphone app to simulate a SPHERE in NASA’s zero robotics challenge so that you can rely on more than just your software simulation to develop your strategy.


    You can tackle any or all of the following:
    • Create your own Earth-based robotics competition: build a robot, program it, and create your own competition with friends, co-workers, and/or members of your community;
    • Build an app to simulate Zero Robotics competition on your mobile device;
    • Build an app to participate in Zero Robotics – understand, practice, compete, or receive updates; and/or
    • Create a smartphone app to simulate a SPHERE robot on the International Space Station.

    Sample Resources(Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • microgravity robots

      spheres in aircraft are used to simulate the moving parts of huge aircrafts Visit Project

    • robot D

      coming soon Visit Project

    • Robotics

      our aim is play our robot in the mars.it can collect information about what is mars?its collect information about soil,weather. Visit Project

    • robot x

      he decidido tomar este proyecto como mi desafió para contribuir con viajes futuros con ayuda de naves de tamaño regular recopilando información y dirigir su uso hacia lo necesario para menorar la dificultad de trabajo en el espacio, noto la importancia de el diseño del robot para la facilidad de ... Visit Project

    • VC-RT

      The VC-RT(Vagos CORP Robot Trainer) is a low cost open source differential robot, developer platform, designed for training people to program and control an already functional mobile robot, letting user specify an objective for the robot and letting enhance it by connecting external hardware if n... Visit Project

    • Surface radar reflector as a Venus atmosphere control (monitoring) technique

      Surface radar reflector as a Venus atmosphere control (monitoring) technique 1. Mission objectives. The purpose of the proposed experiment is to acquire information on the key parameters of the surface layer of the Venus atmosphere, such as wind speed and direction, as well as temperature and... Visit Project

    • SPHERES Simulator

      Our project aims to inspire young people to realize that space exploration is achievable by sparking their interests through app based coding and robotics. Visit Project

    • Robots4Everyone

      This project is about a fighting robot platform, where player can add their special weapons to it, opening a a path for a new generation to be involved in robotics through challenging each other to make the strongest special wepon. Visit Project

    • Rato MaTo (Red Mars Toy)

      Through this project, we would like to make our robots to rove in Mars and play games. In the demo, we would be showing two prototypes of robots controlled online on a Mars like arena. Providing a new experience in gaming and exploration of new places is what we really aim to achieve. Features... Visit Project

    • It's Elementary, dear Watson

      For the robots to collect dust they need to know where to go. In a space station it is undoable to just let the robots roam free, as in without smart guidance, throughout the station. Therefore we need to embedded intelligence into the system. Intelligence for this is multiparted. Over-time all ... Visit Project

    • Magnetized Spherical Robot

      We apollo'18 team will be participating in the challenge , the robotics track with great inventions and ideas concerning the problems and troubles that may face the astronauts ending their missions in space Our vision is to make use of energy around the astronauts in space and to facilitate sim... Visit Project

    • Small Robots for exploration in mars .

      Hay am Arber Krasniqi, My project aims to achieve to gives us information about the environment in which one wishes to explore later in and live. Having drilled in parts of March with the length up to one meter. From that drilling will take data that can seed plants to increase oxygen levels for ... Visit Project

    • skyfish

      This app control the sphere movement. The controlled sphere will chase to the target and orbit when it stops, the other sphere will simulate the astronaut. Visit Project

    • VeGaSt

      VeGaSt is a robot constructed with Lego Mindstorms Kit 9.2. The purpose is to find its way out of randpmly constructed maze. The robot is equipped with suspension system serving as landing gear for the vehicle. Each eheel has cleats and is independently geared, providing for climbing over obstacl... Visit Project

    • Kee

      Kee is a lego Mindstorms robot designed as a dog. Its purpose is to go in that direction in which it hears a sound and to stop when its leash is used. These functions are possible thanks to the two sensors monitored on the robot. The first one is the ultrasonic sensor that makes it possible for t... Visit Project

    • Recolector de basura espacial Wall-As

      Materiales Fibra de cerámica >Resistente al choque térmico,resiste altas temperatura La fibra cerámica se puede definir como silicato de alúmina anhidro con ligeras inclusiones de diferentes óxidos. Se fabrica con materiales como cuarzo, caolín, pequeños porcentajes de óxido de circonio y alúmi... Visit Project

    • Advanced walker (In Space Mission and In Army)

      Walker Challengers In Space Mission and In Army.Which helps in space for astronaut to take samples and hold objects for them and helpfull in dangerous situation and handle the space equippment with care and can land on planets to take samples which we have done so for and send attitude's and sta... Visit Project

    • Yunwei Lunar Rover

      Two astronauts may use the instruments installed in the parent vehicle which include electric drive devices, thermal imager and radar. The primary driver takes the responsibility of controlling the movement of the parent vehicle through a joystick as well as using the thermal imager and the radar... Visit Project

    • ATOM

      4.-Elementos del sistema: Está dividido en 3 bloques: Bloque de control Bloque de vuelo Bloque de estación de base 4.1.-Bloque de control El Arduino Leonardo es una placa electrónica basada en el ATmega32u4 (ficha técnica ). Cuenta con 20 pines digitales de entrada / salida (de los cual... Visit Project

    • 0016- robot digger

      we are using a microcontroller pic which drives the H bridges that can move the 6 wheels forwards and backwards independently . we are using cinematic joints to make the drive shafts shifts on the main axe with an angular range of 60. it is equiped with a solar panel for aditional power sorces.... Visit Project

    • #UVGTeam

      #Bender Somos Uvg Sur somos el equipo desarrollador de #Bender echo con legos el robot exploratorio terrestre adaptable nuestro EV3 de lego nos permite intercambiar y adaptar infinidad de piezas para que #Bender sea tan adaptable en cualquier situación utilizando open source hace que #Bender ... Visit Project

    • Robot Robot Robot Space Space Squid

      We're aiming to create a flexible set of tools that can achieve many goals: robotics education, fast testing of prototypes, research, zero-G lab-work automation. We've produced a small, inexpensive "squid" robot with swappable, easily customised 3d printed parts. Configurable options include ... Visit Project

    • space drone

      Space Drone is a robot in which it will be integrate a voice recognition system and sensors, that helps astronauts in their mission to fix some breakdown of a satellite by loading equipment needed in his mission.so this robots will be always in a fixed distance between it and the astronaut. Visit Project

    • CyHRoP_Astronaut

      Challenge: To develop a platform that allows humain to explore and discover another planet. Solution: Implementation of a smart platform allowing a user to visit the space while it’s represented by the humanoid robot “CyHRoP” (Cynapsys Humanoid Robot Platform). Results: - Implementation... Visit Project

    • Andi's Projects

      I'm Andi Gashi participate in this event at NASA Space Apps Challange at Vushtrri with a few projects in the category of Robotics. One of them is the crane, with which I presented a classic model of a crane. A have also presented an electric saw and a plane that works with solar energy. I also... Visit Project

    • Space Z Rally

      Our initial prototype will work with a chassis of SparkFun Electronics magiccian replacing bot zero space robotics, which is equated with YUN arduino as its controller; with web communication capabilities having the arduino YUN will make a website that will be the means of control and communicat... Visit Project

    • prueba

    • MoSiMov

      The prototypes made during the SpaceApps competition have the shape of a regular triangular prism with two opposite pressurised air jets at the ends of the axis. The project will offer a simulator, the technical schemes for the construction and the software libraries for developing your own pr... Visit Project

    • Intelligent Endo Dental Surgical Robot

      Dentistry is the branch of medicine that requires a lot of power for a dentist. To enhance the quality of dental services and avoid all the problems mentioned and For ease of operation such as (Anesthetic infusion, X-RAY Photography, Time Management and milling tooth and …) we have decided to des... Visit Project


      ROBO-FABRIC is a project about the birth of a robot from waste plastics. This process has several steps which are executed separately as follows: On the first step an extruder machine uses ABS plastic material from old keyboards that we recycle to produce the filament material with 1.75 mm diame... Visit Project

    • Kuriositi

      Kuriositi is a robot built on the Raspberry Pi platform. It can be controlled remotely using web or mobile application. Also it supports all kinds of sensors which can extend its purpose and make different analysis. This kind of robot is not expensive to make and can encourage young people to exp... Visit Project

    • ¡¡¡¡¡¡ LUCHO SOY RECICLADO !!!!!!

      Muestra experiencia: Ok, si te has interesado, te gustara saber que nosotros ya hemos desarrollado nuestro robot reciclado. Nuestro robot se llama "Lucho" y es un robot asistente y esta diseñado con latas de bebidas , CD ,motores de impresoras , led reciclados. solo hemos utilizado en su con... Visit Project

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