Robot that can pass over obstacles and climb up not as wheeled one by taking walk...! it would give more advantages than a wheeled robot...that is flexible,and can pick up samples of planet in space mission and photos of planet and send to us.......! u can ask it would be better if we have wheeled robo in climbing up some mount place or any object,so we may get distract of a objectwhen we use wheeled robot but in hexapad v don't need to think about it right... guys...

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Walker Challengers In Space Mission and In Army.Which helps in space for astronaut to take samples and hold objects for them and helpfull in dangerous situation and handle the space equippment with care and can land on planets to take samples which we have done so for and send attitude's and staatus of a planet.... to analysis it.And if we come to army it is very helpfull in detecting bombs around army field and can be used to help army soldier to take their weapons while walk inside the mount and help injured soldier and etc...

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Advanced Walker Robot -


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