Our project, "Rato MaTo [Red Mars Toy]", is a gaming application. The game allows to control robots through internet. The robots won't only be used for gaming purpose but for exploration as well.

This project is solving the Robots Robots Robots challenge.


Through this project, we would like to make our robots to rove in Mars and play games. In the demo, we would be showing two prototypes of robots controlled online on a Mars like arena. Providing a new experience in gaming and exploration of new places is what we really aim to achieve.

Features of the projects are: 1. Controlled by smart phones 2. Live video streaming 3. New platform for gaming 4. Exploration and Research

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/kausalwagle/rato_mato



  • Kaushal Wagle
  • Kaushal Wagle
  • Kushal Wagle
  • Bijaya Dangol
  • Gaurav Sapkota
  • rasu neupane
  • Bishal Mahat