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    Science archives give access to a wide range of products. An important part of these products is made of images obtained from multiple processing algorithms and sensors. Due to its scientific background, the access interface to these products/images offers many customization options. General public are many times discouraged by the apparent complexity of the web interface.

    A very simple interface would contribute to improve awareness and accessibility for the general public.


    Special moments in life -- the birth of a baby, university graduation, weddings -- deserve very special and original congratulation messages. What could be more special than your congratulation message sent along with the image of a far, far away beautiful galaxy at the moment this event took place? How about an image of our star, the Sun, taken right at the time your best friend’s first baby was born? Even better, how about a collage with multiple images combined into a unique postcard?

    This challenge aims at developing an application to send congratulation messages personalized for the recipient with images from space sensors stored in the science archives. A major part of this challenge is about understanding how to access science archives and composition of products based on specific querying mechanisms.


    • Your solution can allow users to choose among different subjects/types for the virtual postcard (sun, galaxies, planets, collages …)
    • Your solution can allow users to specify date and time to be used for the creation of the virtual postcard
    • Your solution can allow users to add a message to the virtual postcard
    • Your solution can allow users to select a sharing mechanism and a contact to send the virtual postcard

    Sample Resources(Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Outer Space Memes

      HAPPY MOMENTS FROM SPACE: Happy moments from space sounds something happy , something victorious , something historical , something precious we have got from space.Now it is time to share this outer space happiness with our beloved one. As we know picture is the frame or witness of happy moments... Visit Project

    • Spaceify

      Improve awareness and accessibility for the general public with the images from the hubble telescope. Visit Project

    • Space Memes

      The Internet speaks in a visual storytelling language called "memes," it is ever-expanding and ever-lovely - just like the Universe itself. Space Memes is an attempt to leverage this postmodern narrative with the power of R. Buckminster Fuller to create beautifully unsettling images of space, bec... Visit Project

    • YoMomma Nasa Joke

      Yo Momma jokes on a nasa Wallpaper Visit Project

    • anandi

      Science archives give access to a wide range of products. An important part of these products is made of images obtained from multiple processing algorithms and sensors. Due to its scientific background, the access interface to these products/images offers many customization options. General publ... Visit Project

    • Missing You

      In happy moments our memory store the time, space and the persons. And after sometime we just missing them. So the target is, keep it alive. Visit Project

    • What happens there?

      The purpose of this application is to know what happens there all the time, new developments told by its members. Play recordings and comment !! Visit Project

    • Space Shutter

      Our project will try to cover this: - choose among different subjects/types for the virtual postcard (sun, galaxies, planets, collages …) - specify date and time to be used for the creation of the virtual postcard - add a message to the virtual postcard - select a sharing mechanis... Visit Project

    • Moments in Space

      When your friend have birthday and you want to send him an original wish you can use this app. The idea of the app is to use a pictures from nasa data bases, write your own wish with the picture and send it to your friend. You can select the pictures of planets, galaxies and etc. , then select da... Visit Project

    • Mikkeli demo

      This is a demo to be shown for participants and for testing purposes only. Visit Project

    • closer

      Esta aplicación permitirá acercar el espacio a las personas a través de postales. Visit Project

    • SpaceTales

      Our project is aiming on sharing happy moments from space with the people on earth. The idea is to reach families and friends who feel like they can't reach their loved ones in any way. Our project will allow people and astronauts to share pictures and postcards with the public or with their spec... Visit Project

    • Traveler in Space

      The recent years opened wide horizons for humanity. Space agencies have achieved considerable success in the study of the earth and the cosmos. People were able to catch a glimpse of galaxies, stars and planets for which our ancestors dreamed. Spacecraft managed to cross vast distances and ex... Visit Project

    • Instastellar

      Allows the user to enter a date and a message, and builds a custom virtual postcard, with a space image taken on that date. Visit Project


      Our project aims to allow ease of access to scientific archives through an application. It provides a means to edit the images into postcards and use it for compliments to other astronauts and friends and family back home. This will allow users to manipulate science archives to their desires. Visit Project

    • SpaceSnaps

      We want to create a fun app to make fun memes like you see on the internet everyday. Visit Project

    • Nebula

      Our project is a web based application that allows a user to access a wide range of subjects. Users will be able to congratulate a special moment in life by choosing an image from different sub-types related to space and writing congratulations text in a message. Examples of the options that the... Visit Project

    • Space Postcards

      Share the space landscape with your beloved ones on those special moments. Visit Project

    • Cosmotulations

      The aim is pretty simple and at the same time needful. It allows you to congratulate everybody in the world with great handmade postcard, created by yourself in several clicks. You can choose image from several categories, customize it, add some text and send it to your friends in any way you pre... Visit Project


      The challenge is based primarily on developing a solution with a user-friendly interface that allows databases used nasa by non-expert users. The challenge is reached ephemeris features used to send postcards. So the user just have to fill the recipient fields, message and date, and the system... Visit Project

    • Space Smiles

      In this we have developed an Android Application in which the "Astronauts" can take pictures and store them in there account. First when they launch the Application they have to register and then upload can take pictures and upload them to their accounts in the site. And also can make them as "... Visit Project

    • Furaha Moments

      Easy fast creation and sharing of a postcard with one of many NASA's great pics in the background. The user gets to choose a picture use as the background from a date entry then add a message to it and share the postcard right away! Its that simple!! Visit Project

    • Happy Happy Moments in Space

      A simple system for the public to send specific mail to space stations. Visit Project


      what is the role of life ? it’s a very important question . On earth exist a phenomenon called life , can we propagated this phenomenon outside ? WHAT'S AN INHABITED LUNAR BASE ? WHY I CHOOSE THE MOON TO INSTALL THIS BASE ? WHAT'S THE STRATEGY TO BUILD THIS CONSTRUCTION ? HOW CA... Visit Project

    • Gifts from space

      ![Alt text](https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-9/11710_10202917194210190_8141401886392446396_n.jpg?oh=8858ff5ff9b3c8d6ed906c7ab674c3cd&oe=559BB844&__gda__=1440776205_4ec9b56ebcbe608311f47619243ed8c4 "TechCrew") Our application’s purpose is to offer people an enviro... Visit Project

    • HMFS

      Our project aims to achieve: - To give people a further interest space - While not making a daunting task to repeatedly check for pictures. Using: SparkPost Visit Project

    • Project Zoid

      Zoid will retrieve images of the vast surroundings of outer space from NASA to your electronic device. These images are randomly picked from a pile of random photos, but what makes them special is that each and every one of these pictures will link itself to the date it was taken, to the exact sa... Visit Project

    • Levitation Stone

      AIM We inspired "Hayao Miyazaki" works ,so created a Levitation Stone. It will connect with satellite and you. When satellite comes near, Levitation Stone will shine. System check satellite which is above angle of a certain or not. This system is using TLE data, We get TLE data per 30 min and u... Visit Project

    • Spaced Out Memories

      Our projects main aim to get people utilising the numerous wonderful pictures that are found using the Nasa APIs. There is a wealth of resources that no one is aware of...just lying around on the web. We want people to be able to use them in their day to day lives...our mission is to make them ac... Visit Project

    • Dear My Space Debris

      Our aim is to make people realize “invisible” space debris. In spite of the situation that our awareness for environmental problems has been raised and our activity has expanded to space, “environment” means only within the Earth not include Space. We develop 2 types of application –3D map an... Visit Project


      NASA PHOTO GALLERY STUDIO permite al profesor con 2 simples pasos generar material educativo digital para sus alumnos. Dichos materiales estarán disponibles para web, mobil, tablets y Dispositivos de realidad virtual. La Nasa y sus banco de imágenes, sonido y audio nunca podrán estar mas ... Visit Project

    • SpaceyPost

      The project aims to connect astronauts or possibly travellers with their loved ones back at home. It enables them to share in their phenomenon and happy times. Visit Project

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