We started developing our project based on the idea "Happy moments from space". Our team of 6 people, consists of programmers, designers and research people. The idea is to create an App which will allow astronauts/people who travel in space, to share their happy and adventurous moments with the rest of the humans on earth. They can share pictures, postcards they created on their own etc. There will also be a website where people will be able to browse through some of the astronauts pictures.

This project is solving the Happy Moments From Space challenge.


Our project is aiming on sharing happy moments from space with the people on earth. The idea is to reach families and friends who feel like they can't reach their loved ones in any way. Our project will allow people and astronauts to share pictures and postcards with the public or with their special someone in a matter of seconds. The App we are making is suitable for all ages. Kids, Parents and Grandparents.This project is also meant to be somewhat educational and promotional.

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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  • Tino Lubeski
  • Dajana Stojchevska
  • Daniel Ioanu
  • Dejan Bozinoski
  • Jovan Jovanovski
  • Rebeka Vlaisavljevic