This project is solving the Happy Moments From Space challenge.

The recent years opened wide horizons for humanity. Space agencies have achieved considerable success in the study of the earth and the cosmos. People were able to catch a glimpse of galaxies, stars and planets for which our ancestors dreamed. Spacecraft managed to cross vast distances and explore galaxies, stars, planets and asteroids. Satellites have contributed to the implementation of modern telecommunications.

The successes of man in the study of the earth and the cosmos motivated us to create interactive Web site to provide some insight into space agencies and their missions and achievements, the nature of the universe. Besides learning objective - getting acquainted with the achievements of man in space, the site has a fun goal - all who wish may send a card or letter to family and friends, using the great archives of pictures of space agencies around the world. Solar flares are extremely dangerous to human health, which prompted us to give a real time connection to the relevant data. We have included a system of tests which will strengthen consumer knowledge of astronomy and physics.

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  • Aleksandar Matarov
  • Daniel Georgiev
  • Bozhidar Ivanov
  • Aleksandar Aleksiev
  • Rumiana Slavtcheva