Special moments in life -- the birth of a baby, university graduation, weddings -- deserve very special and original congratulation messages. It could be more special than our congratulation message sent along with the image of a far, far away beautiful galaxy at the moment this event took place. How about an image of our the stars, the Sun, taken right at the time your best friend’s first baby was born!! Even better, how about a collage with multiple images combined into a unique postcard!!!

This project is solving the Happy Moments From Space challenge.


Science archives give access to a wide range of products. An important part of these products is made of images obtained from multiple processing algorithms and sensors. Due to its scientific background, the access interface to these products/images offers many customization options. General public are many times discouraged by the apparent complexity of the web interface.

A very simple interface would contribute to improve awareness and accessibility for the general public.

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License: Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL-2.0)

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NASA Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) -
European Space Agency (ESA) archives -
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  • Shazedur Rahim Joardar
  • Saiful Alam
  • Md.Redwan Hasan
  • Shafiqur Rahman
  • Aftabul Islam