• Technology Park Ljubljana was established in 1995 as an organisation representing a support and simulative business environment of the highest quality, enabling the development of technological entrepreneurship of the highest level.Technology Park Ljubljana is a leading entity and key national stakeholder in the development of innovative and knowledge based entrepreneurship in Slovenia. Technology Park Ljubljana represents the “first Slovene public-private partnership” as it was established as the result of the extraordinary vision and forth sight of public bodies, national research institutes as well as leading ICT and pharmaceutical companies. We focus our efforts on facilitating knowledge and technology transfer from research institutes and the academia to national and international markets. In this respect we establish international collaboration with prominent partners and lead as well as participate in transnational and cross-border projects.

    By providing appropriate infrastructure, services and promotion, we motivate the technological entrepreneurial potential in the region and help realize knowledge-based entrepreneurial initiatives with great potential. At the same time, it allows alliances and synergies to be established with both the domestic and foreign developmental, research and market environment.

    Since 1995 we have grown into a dynamic and innovative ecosystem with state-of-the-art R&D offices and laboratory buildings offering over 35,000 m2 of space. The park is also a vibrant intellectual community. It represents a small city with more than 288 companies and more than 1,500 professionals in the following main clusters : ICT, Cleantech, Industrial Technologies, Life Science, Creative Industries, Automatization & Production, Health and Medicine and New Materials.

    In addition to its image, reputation and credibility, Technology Park Ljubljana also offers its members full entrepreneurial support. This includes reviewing business initiatives, providing assistance in preparing business plans, providing business and technology advice and mentoring, as well as searching for business and strategic alliances. At the same time, membership gives companies access to financial, investment and research institutions, as well as the industry, provides educational and training opportunities, and provides modern technical and infrastructure support.


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    Breaking down the osteoporosis

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    Vera Nunic
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  • The following projects were worked on at Ljubljana:

    • CERES

      Project Members from this location
      • Damjan Lolić
      • Pavel  Mihailovski
      • Jakob Peterlin
      • Gregor Skok
      • Gregor Skok

      Web and mobile based app helps farmers to protect their crops/plants against pests and disease with. It uses crowd sourcing and satellite data for analysis and preditiction.

      • Using geo - location for farmers to tag the position and upload photos and comments of the damaged crops/pl... Visit Project

    • Breaking down the osteoporosis

      Project Members from this location
      • Marko Limbek
      • Gregor Mavec
      • Tanja Carli
      • Matevž Marš
      • Jasmina Weiss

      For space missions longer than six months, osteopenia is an important health limit problem. Due to microgravitation, astronauts' bone cells lack mechanical stimuli required for bone formation.

      We propose a treatment using low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS). Several studies on bone ... Visit Project

    • Zero Gee Bee AssISStaint

      Project Members from this location
      • Janez Šranc

      How zero gee bee looks like? Main parts are: - body, - 4 motors assembly, - griping mechanism, - docking mechanism;

      Body holds all attach mechanisms, control and navigational electronics with sensors, battery power source, communications module,… Motor assembly has propeller with mo... Visit Project

    • epilep.si

      Project Members from this location
      • Sasa Jagodic
      • Ivan Skrlec
      • Samo Božič
      • Tilen Jeraj

      Most of (scientific) discoveries come from the outer edges of the »known«. On one hand we have »superhuman« astronauts with robust (biosensors - brains) in space and on the other hand there is exponentially growing number of persons challenged with epilepsy (sensitive biosensors –brains). We... Visit Project