Space weather influences brain activities, like earth weather does. To push the envelope of knowledge we plan to equip volunteers with epilepsy with brain ECG wearable equipment, compare their functioning with data from the astronauts using »big data« techniques. Influences on the brain activities with big data methods will help us understand on one hand why epilepsy is on exponential rise and one the other how each of us can boost his/her mental capabilities.

This project is solving the Data Treasure Hunting challenge.


Most of (scientific) discoveries come from the outer edges of the »known«. On one hand we have »superhuman« astronauts with robust (biosensors - brains) in space and on the other hand there is exponentially growing number of persons challenged with epilepsy (sensitive biosensors –brains). We already know many of the influences on the brain functions. Earth weather, moon cycles, etc., but we do not yet fully understand much of “astro” weather (solar winds, cosmic radiation, etc.) influences, although we obtained anecdotal evidence. Slovenia - country of 2 million people - has 40.000 members of the ILAE – league against Epilepsy – and it is the only country where both persons with epilepsy and physicians are together in one organization and ILAE support our endeavor. We propose to equip volunteers with brain EKG wearable, develop standards and share open data. Correlation of astronauts brain activity with volunteer brain activity and with astro weather data, using big data and data mining will be used for »NASA challenge data treasure haunting«. Looking into big data of the brain activity of the most capable and the most brain challenged persons will lead to new discoveries in brain functioning especially for the »flow« or »genius« states. This »heritage wisdom« also comes from many tradition: »the mind is (in) the universe«. We will make old wisdom and new data into scientific and verifiable facts thus making this knowledge available to humankind.

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epilep.si presentation - https://www.dropbox.com/s/p05q8sokhk6reiv/Epilep_si_Nasa_app_3.pptx?dl=0


  • Sasa Jagodic
  • Tilen Jeraj
  • Samo Božič
  • Ivan Skrlec