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    The International Space Station in an modular engineering marvel, designed and built through a partnership of 16 countries, and assembled IN SPACE. The first module launched to space in 1998. Expedition 1, the first human crew, occupied Station in 2002. We completed assembly in 2001, with the last Space Shuttle flight. Six humans from the partner nations live and work on Station for 6-month missions. The first year-long crew will launch in March, 2015.


    The International Space Station continuously provides data to ground systems in the form of telemetry. Telemetry is processed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center Mission Operations, where select telemetry is broadcast for public consumption. How in the world will you use this super awesome data stream from space? NASA has many telemetry clients running in Mission Operations centers across the United States, but can you come up with new and interesting ways to maximize usefulness on a real estate constrained mobile screen? Can you think of ways to leverage mobile and web technologies to handle notifications for space events? Create an app or other unique use. The app can be a clever new and innovative way to stretch the limits in the fields of HCI, UI/UX, HTML5 and mobile technologies. Can you think of novel ways to use the telemetry data to keep the public engaged with activities on ISS and other missions? These are just a few ideas as the sky is the limit for this challenge!


    This challenge is to build on-top of the actual Space Station telemetry data stream. A starter toolkit is now available which will include information on available telemetry (telemetry data dictionary) and sample code on how to connect a thin-client (webpage) to the telemetry backend.

    Sample Resources (Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • My Cube

      A non-tracking Quadrifilar Helix Antenna (QHA) developed to facilitate a low-cost and an easier mode of capturing small satellite information in a circular polarized manner. This state-of-the-art hardware captures data from amateur radio “cube” and “pico” satellites in both the data packet form a... Visit Project

    • Lost in Space

      Simplifying the data from the ISS: * Showing only what is relevant at each level of zoom * Separating type of data - points, orientations, scalar values * Automatically detecting appropriate ranges for each type of data * Overlaying data on appropriate representation(s) of the ISS Visit Project

    • TeleStation

      We want to: - Improve the user experience of the user when he enters to the web site. - We want to add some game like spaces. - We want to show metrics that can be more atractive to the user. Visit Project

    • ISS Finder - Web App

      Create an easy to use Web app to track and learn about the ISS, as an extension of the ISS Finder iPhone app. Visit Project

    • Track Da ISS

      will be updated soon Visit Project

    • ISS View3D

      The project want to give to everybody 3D view of the ISS turning around the earth with open source softwares. the goal is to provide educational content by using telemetry Visit Project

    • ISS Live Stream

      Our goal is to show in a creative way that data stream sent from space is used in a big amount nowadays and we also want to point out the interesting concept that telemetry provides. Our team managed to do that by selecting all the important resources and representing them with a unique design, ... Visit Project

    • SST Android

      Our motive is to create an attractive android app which will use the live data of NASA telemetry system. The app should be attractive with some cool graphics and animation. So that user engaged with the app. Real time data feed is also added in the app. We also add push notifications in the app. ... Visit Project

    • InnerStation

      We want to improve UI by: - Improving the Main Page - Improving the ADCO page - Adding an Extras session where we can put varios games and interesting facts. Visit Project

    • ISStagram

      Our web-application is multi-platform ISS tracking software, modeled in 3D and capable of tracking not only real-time data, but also make predictions for near future trajectory. Also it is targeted as social-media for astronomy hobbyists, providing photo exchange services of celestial object and ... Visit Project

    • ISS Pathfinder

      ISS Pathfinder is a mobile project for Space Apps 2015. It is in response to the Space Station Telemetry App challenge. The app will utilize public telemetry data for the International Space Station and the device orientation and location data to create an engaging user experience. User will get ... Visit Project

    • SelfISS

      We take the coordinates of the ISS in real time such as longitude and latitude. These coordinates are translated into readable data to the receiving user by reverse geocoding , in this way we get the city, state or country. When you register with the app , the app picks up the geolocation. Us... Visit Project

    • Icarus

      Different types of visualisation of ISS telemetry data, through a web app powered by Django, hosted in IBM Bluemix and implemented using mapbox, three.js and D3.js Visit Project

    • ISSData

      This project aims to show some of the ISS data on real time, as well as allocate the station on a 3D map approximately using open source software. To do so, we'll use WebGL Globe ( and all the telemetry data we may obtain. Visit Project

    • LiftOff app-Astronauts connect with their loved ones on earth easily

      This application aims to achieve space connection between friends,family e.t,c with a NASA astronaut very easily and fun. This is only possible by using our android application and the PC drivers that we made for the MAC and Windows.Inside the application there are many utilities including games,... Visit Project

    • ISS

      the project aims to take data from the website and visualize it on windows phone application in a proper way that make the user in touch with what happens in the ISS Visit Project

    • ISS Information Board

      This is a very limited proof-of-concept for presenting the telemetry in an alternative manner; a fair bit of work remains to complete the data set displayed, polish the edges, and compare (and fix) the data we transformed. We were not able to work on the primary goal of using machine learning ... Visit Project

    • At.Sat App

      The project aims to develop a web based app which uses inertial and GPS data from a cell phone, with the telemetry data from the ISS in order to give the opportunity to the user to localise the ISS in the sky. The web based application could be launched from any web browser, enabling any cell pho... Visit Project

    • Orbit

      Our set task was to see how we could use the telemetry data from NASA and to use it in a mobile app for users to understand what it all means in an interactive way. This is achieved by creating a game which allows the users to interact with avatars which represent the astronauts. The avatars oper... Visit Project

    • CTS- Connecting with the sky

      Aim of the project: Raise Public interest about space project and ISS life and experience. How? Create a mock-up of Tranquility ISS module. Inside you can live the experience of being inside the cupola and do some robotic work on the ISS. You can take a picture from inside with our camer... Visit Project

    • ISS Real Time

      ## Controls - Using the mouse, left button, to drag you can orbit around the earth. - The mouse scroll wheel or left alt + drag will zoom in and out. - Left clicking on the sun or ISS icon wil show data for that object and clicking again will dismiss the prompt. ## Build Requirements ... Visit Project


      Somebody would like to watch the ISS. He would like to know when is the time to take good photo of it. It is possible to know it by seeing websites of NASA or JAXA, but he is looking for way to know it more easily. ISS watcher resolves it. It is an Android app so you can see it anytime and any... Visit Project

    • StationStream

      # []( ## Live ISS Telemetry Streaming ### Project Goals: * Track the ISS in real time and plot it on a globe * Track the individual systems aboard the ISS (solar panels, antenna, etc) and display the information * Make visiting the page engagi... Visit Project

    • Here:Space

      Here:Space is two part project featuring the Here:Space App and Here:Space installations. The Here:Space App is a web based portal that allows the user to select different data sets from the ISS through a simple GUI and output their individual audio stream. This allows for portable access to t... Visit Project

    • ISSaLive

      We want to close the gap between data and people. We want every want to explore and investigate so we designed a beautiful experience, a clean interface and gathered a rich data source pool mixing the lightstreamer web service with Wikipedia information. Every data stream showed is decorated wit... Visit Project


      ## VISION ## The ISS project brings us all together to work on one collaborative project for the future of the existence of mankind – and maybe also our planet – who knows. We want to give people the possibility to experience space projects of humanity on a very personal level – and get excited... Visit Project

    • Around Earth

      A web app that provides space enthusiasts & curious with ‘daily news’ on the latest operations in and about Space (launching, docking, spacewalks, exploration discoveries, etc.) based on information available from public pages at NASA, the European Space Agency, the Japanese Space Agency, as well... Visit Project

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