ISSaLive is a web application that allows space enthusiasts and researchers to explore the vital signs sent by the ISS in a very simple way. The interface resembles a game, and while simulates the ISS movement, shows the different disciplines in circles. Want to know the description of a discipline?, just click one to get information. If you want to set your own dashboard, you can add symbols to monitor and even set alarms and reports that will be delivered right to your email.

This project is solving the Space Station Telemetry App challenge.


We want to close the gap between data and people. We want every want to explore and investigate so we designed a beautiful experience, a clean interface and gathered a rich data source pool mixing the lightstreamer web service with Wikipedia information. Every data stream showed is decorated with icons, photos and explanations that helps the user to understand what is watching. Finally, we want to allow users to explore data historically, so we build a data logger that will help them to get statistic information and reports.

Project Information

License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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  • Claudio Baeza
  • Jonathan Hernandez
  • Angelo Cares