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    Every day, 35,000 flights travel around the planet recording large volumes of data, such as location (from radar, ADS-B transponders, etc.), radio conversations, weather patterns, flight plans, and others. Tools exist to show live and historical information about these flights, but none can show what can be seen from the aircraft.

    The Open-Source tools allows the manipulation of aircraft and the scenery using different software languages.


    The challenge is to build an open-source air traffic tracking tool that allows users to select a particular flight and see out-the-window or other views of the aircraft and airspace.

    Imagine being able to look up your loved one’s flight and be able to see what they see out the window in near real-time. Imagine if crash investigators could easily replay accidents and examine events from all angles. Imagine if researchers could replay a test flight from different angles. These are but a few of the possible applications for this tool.


    • The tool could incorporate live and/or historical data from different sources (radio traffic, weather, air tracking, flight plans, etc.) and bring these information sources to life as realistic visualizations in an open-source air traffic tracking tool.
    • As a starting point, we have already implemented software that enables control of open-source air traffic tracking tool simulations from C, C++, or Matlab.
    • We will also provide links to some flight and meteorological datasets that may be useful for this project.

    Sample Resources(Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

    • Open-source air traffic tracking tools.
    • Flight Data Sources: Will be available during the challenge.

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Flight Tracking

      It's an open source air traffic tracking that allows a track live where It's possible to know all infomation about the aircraft: destination, origin, speed, latitud, operator, etc. Visit Project

    • laws of motion

      its is based on the design and it shows that how the flight moves in the air and how they take turns Visit Project

    • Flive

      Flive permite compartir de manera publica o privada videos, fotos e información sobre un vuelo en tiempo real. Visit Project

    • Do You See What I See

      When I am a a Point A I browse some objects in the solar system, and things on earth. Pick out something I find interesting and it, History, Entertainment and so-forth. Visit Project

    • Transport Security

      Project aims to achieve: >> Highway road will be fully secured. >> Vehicle will be saved from accident. >> Reduce transport crime. >> Safe journey. >> Save money to monitor highway road. How: Our system checks the vehicle from the central database when it moves on the road by sensor or... Visit Project

    • PlaneView

      Aims: PlaneView aims to tackle three key areas: • Create a realtime interactive education platform linked to live flights • Contribute to mass data collection • Provide opportunities for commercial engagement How: PlaneView is a web based platform which will... Visit Project

    • Flight Moment

      Allow a user to enter a: * Flight number * UTC timestamp (this may be several UI controls, or come from image EXIF data) in order to produce map coordinates. Visit Project

    • WASPD

      ![WASP'D - Worldwide Air-drones Safeguard Programme and Database]( # A global problem We associated the idea of a wasp to the image of a suspicious and uncontrolled air-drone, which might be harmless or might not. That's the main reason behind our project nami... Visit Project

    • Follow Me

      Passengers around the world will have the possibility to show in real time what is going on and pieces of the flight during the time they are on it. The solution will have two point of views, one of the passenger and other of the general public. The process starts with a create account (fully... Visit Project

    • openRadar 3D

      An open source Radar platform that allows you to track LIVE all airplanes in the sky. For each aircraft detected is possible to know all related informations like altitude, speed, heading etc. A DVB-T Dongle receiver is required to receive data stream from aircrafts. Visit Project

    • Sky-5

      Sky-5 ======== Goals ----- Sky-5 is an app aimed to enhance flight experience for the passengers. The main features are: * To provide flight information to both passengers and non-passengers. The information provided can be technical (heading, coordinates, outside temperature,...) or n... Visit Project

    • BigWhoop global spectrum monitoring

      # About BigWhoop - Big Data, Small Whoops! Earth is surrounded by the electromagnetic spectrum.This spectrum contains a range of different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. The spectrum extends from frequencies caused by natural phenomenons everywhere in space to frequencies used by ... Visit Project

    • FlightTracking

      This project aims to develop an application that helps real-time tracking of flights using integrated Google Maps on IOS devices Visit Project

    • Flight Security Using BlackBox(GPS Tracking )

      Instead of searching BlackBox after flight crashes, we can have aircraft live tracking from Take off to till it ends its journey by GPS tracking. we can find the plane if it goes crashes and aware of flight crashes by communicating with other aircraft by GPS Trackin... Visit Project

    • Flight Tracker Master

      The aim of this project is to gather and store videofootage which is gathered from cameras in and on planes. This data must be stored in a No-SQL Database, for maximum performance. This information can be used by investigators to gather information about the cause of an accident or crash. T... Visit Project

    • TrackMe

      This project addresses the air-traffic control challenge. Track me offers a robust solution that allows its users to track flights in real time, receive SMS notifications when a certain flight arrives, and even see 3D snapshots of what actual people on the flight are seeing and all that in real t... Visit Project

    • Space Travelar Guide App

      The projects main aim to help people who are affected due to war, internal insecurity and civil war. they will find there way to space. the space will be safe to live in future. so the spaceship will be ready to take them to space. this app will help them to reach to space ship easily and save th... Visit Project

    • R-6

      THE R-6 is a nano satellite whit a shield so the nano satellite can live longer if something happend to the shield like a hit of a asteroind the shield gets destroy but the nano satellite not. Visit Project

    • ComeFlyWithMe

      **What does our website do?** We take flight path data, and guide the user along the path of a certain flight, while using the altitude of the plane to affect the zoom. We look at the cloud coverage, and then dynamically generate clouds to give the user an accurate view from the plane. W... Visit Project

    • Aviator View

      Aviator view is an open source web application that allows the user to see a live animation of the skies surrounding the plane from the perspective of the pilot. The application takes data from an air tracking API and consult actual meteorological data from the current plane location to change va... Visit Project

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