Share your flight experience with everyone! Review others experience before booking a flight, check in for a flight, post your media while flying, chat with other passengers, get augmented experience while flying through real-time alerts, through a single mobile application. Data is stored in an aircraft "white box", which can be later used for massive visual data collection, safety and security review.

This project is solving the Open-source Air Traffic Tracking challenge.




Sky-5 is an app aimed to enhance flight experience for the passengers. The main features are:

  • To provide flight information to both passengers and non-passengers. The information provided can be technical (heading, coordinates, outside temperature,...) or non-technical (landmarks along the route, media shared by the passengers, ...) in a graphical and comprehensive way.
  • To provide communication between passengers in a same flight enabling them to interact during the flight.
  • To provide a tool for keeping track of users flight history.
  • To match all collected media with aircraft location data for later analysis (i.e. event investigation, weather monitoring, surface mapping, passenger behavior analysis, ...).

App structure

The app will be structured with three main pages.

  • A search page where the user can search for flights. It enables the user to track a flight or check in for a flight.
  • A flight page where the user can access all the provided information and features for a selected flight. It includes real-time and past information about the flight including:
  • Technical information (location, heading, outside temperature, ...).
  • Pictures taken in the flight.
  • Chat room for public and private chats.
  • Flight path showing landmarks along the route and nearby flights information.
  • A profile setup page that allows the user to select preferences, change his/her profile information, keep track of previous flights and get data statistics.

The data is accessible to FAA, NTSB, NASA, Airlines and other scientific research organizations.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL:


Demo, Video and presentation -


  • Lluis Soler
  • Laura Knight
  • Bill Stavroulakis
  • Robert Regue
  • Joan Aguilar
  • Darshan Meda
  • Lluis Soler