WASP'D (Worldwide Air-drones Safeguard Programme and Database) is our gamble to bring some order into chaos. Currently there's no way to track the air-drones air traffic, and there's no way to identify it's owner or to guess what kind of activity it's currently performing in our neighbourhood. We want to change that and make sure that drones never become an issue to authorities. Because we all love drones and hope that in the future we'll still be able to use them freely as we do today.

This project is solving the Open-source Air Traffic Tracking challenge.


WASP'D - Worldwide Air-drones Safeguard Programme and Database

A global problem

We associated the idea of a wasp to the image of a suspicious and uncontrolled air-drone, which might be harmless or might not. That's the main reason behind our project naming, we want to prove that if we do things the right way we can easily coexist with a swarm of wasps all around us.

Currently there's no way to track the drone air traffic, and there's no way to identify drone's owners and we can only guess what kind of activity a drone is currently performing in our neighbourhood. This hasn't been an issue yet, but numbers of drones are constantly growing and as the numbers grow, so does the authorities concerns about public safety and privacy.

Not knowing the best way to deal with this issue, governments might try to limit their misuse with further laws and regulations that even amateur pilots and drone lovers must abide to, depriving us the chance to make a good use out of them for new businesses ideas, amazing projects or just some plain and good fun.

There's an urgent need to start to do things the right way, and make some order in this increasing chaos around the UAVs. We decided to make the first step forward, and come up with a tool that would give access to an open database of drone pilots -- both professional and not -- and their drones, so that common people, drone lovers, pilots and authorities can make use of a smart tracking system that would make everyone happy, giving timorous spectator a way to identify drones hovering around their property and take a step into the amazing world of drones.

Our solution

Our project aims to provide a platform to safeguard both drone owners passion and people's rights: a database where pilots can register their drones and provide information about their activities, uploading simple flight plans that would help us map drone activities in every part of the world and make sure to not make any trouble for authorities.

This platform's secondary aim is to give amateur pilots and drone lovers a community where they can get in touch with other drone owners, check drone activities happening close-by and give a brighter spotlight to the drone industry.

Amateurs, professional pilots, businesses and curious spectators will be to signup, add drones to their fleet and register their drones, upload their flight plans, get in touch with other drone owners for business inquiries or build their network, explore current and future drone activities logged in our database and get support and guidance during their first steps as professional pilots, giving you detailed info about regulations, insurances and equipment based on your country and applicable laws.

The registration

Pilots will be able to register to our programme providing their personal information and drones specs -- including product brand, model or drone details if it's an experimental vehicle. The system will provide each pilot an UUID for each of its UAVs and a QR code which can be printed and attached to the vehicle so that it can be easily found. This way people will be able to retrieve both pilots and UAV data scanning the QR from our app or searching the UUID in our database. This is a great way to get visibility as professional pilot and be contacted by new clients.

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Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)



  • Lorenzo Iannascoli
  • leonardo notari
  • Federico Guerra
  • Martin Vlashi
  • Fabio Martarelli
  • Gabriele Lanzo
  • Giammarco Galletti