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    The contents of a spaceflight medical kit include:
    1. Syringe
    2. Forceps
    3. Scalpel
    4. Thermometer
    5. Elastic wrap for sprains
    6. Bandages
    7. Neck brace

    One visual of the US medical kit for space shuttle:


    Crew members traveling long distances from Earth can’t run to the local emergency clinic when they get a fever or break a bone. Space agencies provides a medical kit for missions, so that in contingency circumstances, the crewmembers can care for themselves. The further we get from home and from the possibility of resupply missions, the more flexibility we need for crew healthcare. 3D printing technology may be a way to help provide this care for crew members on long-duration missions. We need your help modeling medical devices that will not only be useful in space but also for remote health medicine situations on Earth.


    • You can model and print any or all of these devices, or create new medical devices or equipment you believe should be included.
    • You can reimagine the medical kit packaging that can be modeled and printed.
    • Be creative.

    Sample Resources (Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Medical kit Reloaders

      We have been de-constructing medical equipment from the NASA medkit and re-designing it in modules, separating the parts that cannot be 3D printed (such as metal parts or needles) and working to produce the schematics for the parts that can be 3D-printed (such as the body of a syringe, and ... Visit Project

    • Apolo Flight

      We had an idea for better future, improving the NASA space flight. So, we accepted the NASA "3D ASTROMED DEVICES" with an idea to do different medical equipment that will not only serve komsonautite but people all over the world. Visit Project

    • (3D PMDS) :3D printed Medical Devices For Space

      Project: 3D printed Medical Devices For Space (3D PMDS) Aim: to help crew members in space to find medical devices easily as we use some materials that they use daily in drinking like bottles to convert it to another useful devices like syringes. Simple shapes can be fabr... Visit Project

    • ya3damdp

      How do we conciliate bio-hazard and on-field re-usability whilst minimizing both risks to the crew and building materials waste? A blend of earth-made, high-durability components (e.g. syringe needle, cleaning/heating vessel), and meltable ones (thermometer tips), along with attention to the s... Visit Project

    • Dental Nasa Augmented Reality Lab using werables and self sensors

      Dental emergency treatment in space: The prospect of having a dental emergency in space from an organic point of view is remote. In short space voyages, the maximum time will be a year using the present technology. It is a given that the astronauts will have had a through medical and dental e... Visit Project

    • Localizador Epidural

      Thinking about health situations as epidural anesthesia in space or remote locations. We design and build an epidural locator with remote control. Most of materials we use are parts of Toys to assemble of mechanical and electronic. To construct the sensor loss resistance (pressure drop) desig... Visit Project

    • 3D AstroMed Devices

      We started to make 3D models of Medical Kits first. After reviewing that it is now best for the 3D printing, then we will move to 3D Printing stage. Basic purpose is to help crew members in space to find medical devices for their daily use. Devices like syringes, Scalpels, etc Simple shapes and... Visit Project

    • AUI Astro Medical care

      -The challenge that we have worked on for this 2015 edition of international space apps challenge is the 3D astromed devices under the humans’ category. It is basically a first aid kit that will be used for astronauts when they are in a mission and travelling long distances from earth and where t... Visit Project

    • Adaptation of Space Suit

      Create a supplement that is implemented in the astronaut gloves when leaving the ship and do repair work and / or exploration. Medicating when necessary. To save time, prevent problems (such as illness afflictions treated studs) and ensure astronaut health. Visit Project

    • FabLab Devon

      We aimed to develop a way to 3D print items such as syringes in space. These syringes needed to be accurate, simple and reliable. Printing allows us to create custom volume syringes with multiple uses using both rigid and flexible materials. Visit Project

    • Survival medical kit

      The project of my team is redesign 3D Astromed Devices for astronauts on missions, with the objetive of Optimizing weight, improve increase functionality and aesthetics of the same. it was decided to take this proyect as it is very good option for innovation for use with a better use of the avai... Visit Project

    • 3d- AstroMediX

      This project seeks to solve some of the human-global challenges met by healthcare crises in developing countries, and also in outer space. Due to the recent advancement in the field of science and technology, robotic surgery is not just a thing of the distant future. If required, a specialist/ do... Visit Project

    • Cæléstis

      In the challenging environments that are found on Mars, extended stays on the ISS, future asteroid missions, or even the more humble South Pole here on Earth, sometimes medical emergencies can happen. In preparing to confront those hostile conditions, current and future explorers need to have the... Visit Project

    • Mediprint

      3d-printed medical devices including braces and splints, personalized to each astronaut Visit Project

    • Fast Aid Kit

      First Aid Kits are very complicated and badly organized even to the most trained professionals. This causes a lot of problems as the main thing in extreme situations is to be fast and efficient and to avoid mistakes. Everything about the Kit is printed with 3D printer at the ISS. The Kit itse... Visit Project

    • M3DiBOX

      We have redesigned the existing medical kit by replacing the existing neck brace with a repurposed box that can perform the same task by acting as a splint for a neck, arm or leg injury. We have also designed a lightweight, compact, modular "Swiss Army knife" for small medical devices. A large nu... Visit Project

    • 3DMedic

      There are two main aspects that our project follow : modular and smart. Our system is composed of two parts: one is a hard case which contains a foldable 3D printer, data base and a computer. # Modularity A first hard case contains a foldable 3D printer, a computer and a database. It can be co... Visit Project

    • 3D designed medical tools

      We distilled each medical device down to its basic function and redesigned them for 3D printing. We then considered the limiting factors of spacetravel and multiplanitary life and applied them to the new designs. Factors we considered included: - Limited physical space - Zero G environments... Visit Project

    • AstroM3D

      Imagine a situation when an astronaut needs to stay in space for a long mission and he runs out of medical supplies, and NASA has to send resupply. Imagine a situation where a person is affected by natural disaster like in Haiti earthquake and desperately needs emergency medical equipments. ... Visit Project

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