This project consists in the blend of a social network with a data visualization interface. It targets two types of users: the contribuitor and the scientist. The contribuitor is the one that collects the data as a social network, he gives likes and sees his progress through the month; on the other hand, the scientist is more interested in the statistics data from the images, that is why he'll use the data visualization tools, besides the other screens.

This project is solving the My Sky Color challenge.


The methods for analyzing the sky already exist; however, they don't work if the sample isn't big enough. This app aims for users from all over the word to take pictures of the sky in order to maintain the data flowing, besides, they will know what is the amount of aerosols where they are. This images will be analysed regionally, and the information will be shown in an infographic way.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Ariana Leiva
  • Melisa Carranza Z
  • Joseph Monge