SMT - SAVE LANDING is a software that uses the Windows Kinect Technology, the prototype scans a land (Asteroids, Mars surface, etc) that shows a bitmap in grey scale . We send the bitmap to a device (In this ocassion a Mobile App), where we use the data to generate a 3D Map. With the information, we get a depth map of the surface, that allows to think in posible movements that will protect a Mother Ship in case of landing.

This project is solving the Asteroids 2025-2100 - Future History challenge.


SMT, SAVE LANDING is an idea that solve partialy, the problem of the "Seven minutes of terror" O.o Yeah, we are trying to develop a kind of probe, like the best friend of the "Mission Mother Ship", which will explore the different depths of the land, looking for the best area where the MMS that is close to our probe, will land. Our idea can offer a new way to explore the different asteroids and their structure, helping with the future expeditions of NASA

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License: MIT license (MIT)



  • Pablo Gutierrez
  • Wilberth Chaves Sandi
  • Esteban Cascante