The Orion Launch Manager advances both public and behind-the-scenes views of a rocket launch in order to boost interest in the field of space science as well as organise through visualisation, the prelaunch phases for launch team members. Essentially this is a web-based program to manage the launch countdown process with launch-staff integration and a public outreach interface. Project 42 is pulling the launch process into the age of media and communication.

This project is solving the 3-2-1 LIFTOFF: Launch that Rocket! challenge.


What we want to achieve

Currently launch coverage is lacking in its ability to convey all of the factors behind the launch process. Project 42 aims to publish a publicly engaging and operationally useful pre-launch checklist and launch management system in the form of a web and mobile application.

We have developed an experience that can deliver detailed and behind the scenes information during the whole pre-launch to launch procedures in a revolutionary and engaging way. This novel interface is the Orion Launch Management System. By a web server based program, users can obtain, upload and stream data from past launches, real time launches and user defined launches in order to experience the processes leading up to a launch.


Aiming to address the complex logistics behind prelaunch sequences, Orion provides an integrated overview system that can display real-time progress of multiple perspectives during the entire mission. Through its engaging software interface professionals and public users can easily access relevant information in the personalised environment. Educational and interactive, this software covers all aspects of engagement.


The software provides an accessible platform for both the general public and the mission team to view mission critical data as well as allowing personnel in charge to update the mission. Data such as deadlines, prelaunch checklists, real-time flight data and virtual interpretations are laid out in a logical manner on the website. This allows remote access to the mission and reforms the management of the launch process.


Project 42 delivers an interactive interface that provides the general public with an overall experience of a launch. In addition it also serves as a management platform providing logistics and crucial real-time information for the launch team to understand the current situation of a launch.

What we accomplished

  • 1 - Public Web: four fullHD video feeds from different 'virtual' angles presented simultaneously
  • 2 - Public Web: top-level view of countdown checklist with countdown clock for public view
  • 3 - Public Web: panels to see simplified weather and rocket status
  • 4 - A networked "big-clock" countdown clock (including workaround for Wi-Fi network security)
  • 5 - Full featured countdown server (start, hold, hold-release, set/reset, abort)
  • 6 - Countdown checklist with logical stops(go/no-go) networked with the countdown server
  • 7 - Logic engine to drive the checklist logic
  • 8 - Bluestaff input via smartphones tied to the checklist logic
  • 9 - full demo with a real launch

Project Information

License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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  • Will Leizerowicz
  • ben chang
  • Jonathan TeRiini
  • Scott Haysom
  • William Baker
  • Finley Campbell
  • Alex  Heffer
  • Oliver Denny