LiftOff is an Android and PC game that aims to promote space concepts and especially rocket launching to children. It is supposed to be an educational game with logical elements. Game was designed with children in mind and some children which were present at location of SpaceApps in Helsinki helped with actual design and gave valuable feedback to first prototype of this game.

This project is solving the 3-2-1 LIFTOFF: Launch that Rocket! challenge.


LiftOff is logic game with theme based on rocket launching procedures. Current target platforms are Android devices and PC.

LiftOff Prototype running on Android phone

As launching rocket is time critical operation the goal of this game is to make necessary actions for launch in limited time. There are several factors that are considered to do a successful launch: Cargo, Crew, Weather, Fuel, Launchpad, Engines. As every action takes time player have to plan carefully -- doing these actions in different order or waiting too long will lead to failed launch. Player has also option to delay launch if some conditions are not met but this can cause some problems (e.g. already boarded crew can't stay in rocket forever).

If the launch is failed, relevant information screen is shown to player containing real historical scenario of failed launch. Gaming is a great way to learn and discover!

Target group for this game are children. Idea was tested with actual kids during Saturday and we received positive feedback. Main intention of this project is to make children understand how complicated it is to launch a rocket (but in funny way!).

Graphical design is simple and colorful in order to be attractive and recognizable for target audience.

Basic prototype of game was build during the event and it's planned to continue with development and follow by publishing playable game for public in near future. Game is developed using LibGDX framework and Java programming language. Graphics for the game and video were created using Inkscape.

Trailer for the game is available on youtube

Project Information

License: BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" or "FreeBSD" License (BSD-2-Clause)

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  • Taneli Prittinen
  • Michal Genserek
  • Eleni Almpanopoulou
  • Ornela Bardhi