A first-person VR adventure game. A woman searches for her husband who was last seen in the asteroid belt. She has signed up for the asteroid redirect mission, with this as her real motive. Guide her movements, unlocking clues to find her personal answers, while sticking to her job, and also, as a player, discovering what her world is like, a future which some of us will one day know. This is a five-minute space walk from a craft, landing and exploring an asteroid.

This project is solving the Asteroids 2025-2100 - Future History challenge.


To educate the general publc about the reasons for the asteroid redirect mission, and how it works, in an indirect way, through entertainment. Aspects of the asteroid redirect Mission will be revealed as supporting facts in the drama, some will be crucial to solving its central question. A player will recieve insights into what scientists calculate are likely scenarios for our collective future in the coming century, and become curious about ways we are starting now to prepare.The app will be created for an Android phone, using Unity 3D engine and 3D Studio Max for models.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/DSalles/If-She-Knew-What-The-Spaceman-Knows.git



  • Blaze Sanders
  • Diana Salles