Our project is an intelligent tee-shirt that allows you to experience virtual interactions as real emotions (tactile). The Tee-shirt is composed of: - A camera, so that Samantha can share photos with her followers (in the shirt collar). - An LED to notify if she has new notifications "unread" (in the sleeve). - Pulse sensor system (in the sleeve). - Screen to display messages (in the sleeve). - Pressure system with heat (over the shoulders, upper arms and waist).

This project is solving the Friends In High Places challenge.


We have started our work by analyzing how Samantha was living in space and how we were going to improve social interactions with the terrestrial world. For this we have devised a clever T-shirt that would link her to her followers without having to connect to a computer.

We designed this shirt like a second skin that would transform virtual information in real sensations. We used some existing interactions in existing social networks to adapt them to the tee-shirt and various emotions.

We have imagined that the shirt would be connected to a new social network ("Touch The Space") -for astronauts into space only-. Each followers could give some attention and send heat and hugs to the astronaut of their choice.

Project Information

License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/eliotts/EmoSpaceSuit-1.0-


Samantha Christoforetti on Twitter - https://twitter.com/astrosamantha
Cute Circuit smart fabric - http://cutecircuit.com/


  • Marine Vincent
  • Steven Akoun
  • Eliott Sounigo
  • Monica Khouri klink
  • Tara Habis
  • Sarah Montreuil