RegulatorWear ("ReguWear"): Fashion-forward wearable technology-rich garments not only to monitor body functions and provide variable compression, but also to weave human touch into space exploration garments. Powered by body heat, these garments have uses far beyond space travel and well into social/emotional and medical applications on Earth.

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Designing for Today’s Launch & Research Stars challenge.


8 year old Angela asked 9 year old Samaira: "Have you ever wondered why astronauts wear dull-colored, single-function clothing?"

Their Blastastic Fashion solution: It's time to put space-age intelligence, animal kingdom skills, and fashion fun into outer space outfits. Creativity fosters innovation: it's time to put the FUN in FUNction. It's time for RegulatorWear.

RegulatorWear ("ReguWear") is wearable technology providing body function monitors, gentle variable compression, and creative human interaction.

ReguWear incorporates smartwear sensor technology to identify location of wearer and monitor basic human body functions: blood oxygen saturation, pulse, blood pressure, glucose levels, and edema.
The ability to send alerts to external devices is a key differentiator. Ideally the outer-most layer of clothing includes a ReguPatch to display critical feedback of physical and emotional conditions.

ReguWear has important applications in hospital and nursing facilities, infant care, special education & mental health, people in mission-critical high-stress jobs, and all people who are at risk for apnea, diabetic or cardiac events.

ReguWear strives to use fiber structure and intelligence to emulate natural strengths found in the animal kingdom: monkey-strong grip (gloves), bird feather-like variable insulation which changes based on individual body temperature, jellyfish-like water resistance & luminescence (ex: regulate circadian rhythms affected by exposure to light), snakeskin variable compression to aid circulation, edema, and even muscle resistance to counteract micro-gravity muscle atrophy (ex: cranial compression cap, leg and spine compression resistance activities).

ReguWear fosters internal innovation through external creativity. With ReguWear and ReguPatch technology, not only can humans on earth monitor the health and well-being of wearer, but they can also be literally woven into the fabric of the wearer's life. The ability to change colors on an extended-sizes ReguPatch means astro-fashion takes a turn toward FUN. Imagine the astronaut waking up to a new shirt pattern every day - students and hobbyists around the world submitting designs to help astronauts feel emotionally connected to Earth.

Technical obstacles include identifying most efficient thermoelectric technology to power the garments. Possible route: micro-peltier tiles produce an electrical current when opposite sides are heated and cooled at the same time. Using the difference between human-generated heat from inside garment and the 70F temp on outside of garment could create free energy.

Key differentiators: passively-worn monitoring technology, external monitoring, gentle variable compression, and color-change ability.

ReguWear. Regulating your inside from the outside, and putting the FUN in functional.

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License: Artistic license 2.0 (Artistic-2.0)

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  • Monica Merrill
  • Samaira Shah
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