When the Earth resources are not sufficient to satisfice the demand of the increasing human potential in science and technology, NASA gives the bases for a worldwide competition to exploit the virtually unlimited resources in the outer space. You, as the leader of a small technologic center, leave everything behind for a chance to get a place in the outer resources market while you work together with other young entrepreneurs to find the best ways to conquer the space economy.

This project is solving the Asteroids 2025-2100 - Future History challenge.


“Asteropolis” is a game for mobiles that will take place in the year 2040+, your mission consists in taking your robot convoy into an ARM in order to set the basis of your economy in the resources of an asteroid. The way you will accomplish this mission, will depend on young space explorers’ ideas that will guide this mini-game dynamic. As you progress in the game more ARMs will be available, changing the way it must be accomplished, depending on your and other space explorers’ ways to solve this problem. More problems related to mineral extraction are included later in the game, and as in the ARM project, you imagine the best way to take advantage of it while you learn about the resources that can be mined and why they play an important role in science and technology development.


The main objective of "Asteropolis" is to encourage young people between 12 - 20 to imagine the future to solve the problem of an ARM (Asteroid Redirect Mission) giving ideas as drawings or descriptions of how an asteroid could be moved to a nearer orbit, revealing the best ideas as an educational and fun event-in-game mini-games that everyone can enjoy in the app. These ideas not only represent the vision of the young space explorers of the future but the fact that they understand how important asteroids are for human progress.


Our goal is to make the most people can access to this valuable educational resource, that´s why we have planned reaching 100 000 downloads of our app and at least 8 000 ARM proposals from around the world in 6 months from the release, being December 2015 our final term.

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License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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  • César Cárdenas
  • Rodrigo Lopez
  • Luis Erik Tenorio Vargas
  • Mario Nava
  • Jesus Popocatl Lara
  • Dulce Luna