This project is solving the Asteroids 2025-2100 - Future History challenge.

Our project establishes an interactive website experience that guides children and educators through captivating information about NASA's ARM mission. We focus on the worth of Asteroids for space missions and Earth needs. We've additionally developed sample curriculum that integrates Virtual Reality exploration of our solar system with Google Cardboard goggles and a python app that allows people to play with asteroid data.

On a different level, we believe our project benefited extensively from our diverse backgrounds. We worked with two amazingly talented and creative young High School women, a Data Analyst from New York, a Microsoft Program Manager on Azure, and a Youth Program Developer in New York.

Project Information

License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)

Source Code/Project URL:


AsteroidAscent Website -
Asterank - data source -
Nasa data api, via asterank -
Google Cardboard - curriculum demo tool -
AzureWebsites (used to power the python app) -


  • Ariel Ekblaw
  • Courtney Wiggins
  • Isabel Ojeda
  • William