Our task is to gather data based on the Asteroid Redirect Mission, make scientific predictions and structure the data to present it to a wide audience. We will make an Android-based application that allows the user to explore the facts and data behind asteroid mining, as well as the possibilities such endeavours may bring to humanity. We will present the fact-backed data to users in a simple and dynamic way, stimulating interest in these topics.

This project is solving the Asteroids 2025-2100 - Future History challenge.


We are using the Canvas API provided by Android to present the data in well styled maps using chronologically connected entities. The user will be able to navigate these entities to explore the possibilities offered by the technology behind NASA's ARM. The concept of the application is expandable and there are many possibilities of improving the experience or migrating to different platforms, web for example.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Michał Laskus
  • Oleg Jakovljev
  • Goran Jelić-Čižmek
  • Andrea Gradečak
  • Illona Popić
  • Filip Matijević