Hrvatska akademska i istraživačka mreža - CARNet
  • Hrvatska akademska i istraživačka mreža - CARNet - smještena na adresi Josipa Marohnića 5 je službena lokacija gdje će se po prvi puta u Hrvatskoj održati NASA Space Apps Challenge. 

    CARNet je također suorganizator samog događanja.

    Sve informacije o lokaciji održavanja događanja i ostale informacije su redovito ažurirane.

    The Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet - located at Josipa Marohnića 5 is the oficial location where for the first time in Croatia NASA Space Apps Challenge will be held. 

    CARNet is also involved in organising the event itself.

    All the information about the venue and other aspects of the event are updated regularly. 

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Global Nominee #1

    Save My Crops

    Global Nominee #2

    Asteroid Hunter


    Hrvatska akademska i istraživačka mreža - CARNetMap it
    Josipa Marohnića 5

    Aleksandar Curac-Saric
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  • The following projects were worked on at Zagreb:

    • Save My Crops

      Project Members from this location
      • Marko Polovina
      • Mauricio Vidulin

      Save My Crops has a goal to provide tools for growers that can help them protect their crops in early stages of threat occurance nearby. This is achived by implementation of web GIS. By using a web map growers are provided with tools for mapping their crop fields and reporting occurances of pe... Visit Project

    • Asteroid Hunter

      Project Members from this location
      • Filip Matijević
      • Illona Popić
      • Andrea Gradečak
      • Goran Jelić-Čižmek
      • Oleg Jakovljev
      • Michał Laskus

      We are using the Canvas API provided by Android to present the data in well styled maps using chronologically connected entities. The user will be able to navigate these entities to explore the possibilities offered by the technology behind NASA's ARM. The concept of the application is expanda... Visit Project