Oakland, CA

    Geeks Without Bounds (http://gwob.org/) is proud to host the Oakland iteration of the International SpaceApps Challenge 2015!

    Whether you're a designer, engineer, writer, project manager, or jazzed-up space nerd, we want you to bring your enthusiasm to creating solutions to some of NASA's challenges in this year’s hackathon. Anyone and everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level or background - just bring your brain, laptop, and passion for space. The very best teams (that create the very best solutions) are diverse. So don't shy away because you think you aren't technical enough – we want you and your amazing ideas!

    We'll be sending two projects on to NASA for judging.
    Our local judge will be Jen Blank. Ms. Blank is a survivor of several other science hackathons, works as a research scientist in the Division of Space Sciences & Astrobiology at NASA Ames Research Center - on MSL and a few other projects, has a PhD from Caltech, and is a member of the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science.

    You choose! https://2015.spaceappschallenge.org/challenge/


    • 0900: Breakfast
    • 0930: Getting to know one another
    • 1000: Walk through the challenges
    • 1030: Pitches/team formations
    • 1100: Hacking
    • 1200: Lunch
    • 1230: Hacking
    • 1700: Dinner
    Sunday  - Phil @ 1-510-343-5664
    • 0900: Breakfast
    • 0930: Hacking
    • 1200: Lunch
    • 1230: Hacking
    • 1600: Presentation and judging
    • 1630: Prizes! 


    ISAC Oakland will be held at Sudo Room in the Omni Building in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, California (Shattuck at 48th Street). Sudo Room is an open membership creative community and hackerspace that focuses on social change through citizen science, activism, and community engagement in technology for good.

    Parking is on the street.

    Pack your laptop, power cable, and water bottle. The space has common tools for working on robots, electronics workbenches, Wi-Fi, and power. Dress in layers.

    Safe Space

    This event follows the Ada Initiative's code of conduct for conferences/events, is explicitly welcoming of any and all peoples, encourages women, POC, members of the LGBTQIA communities, and any other marginalized community to actively participate. This is a safe space for learning and collaboration for anyone of any skill level or background. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Global Nominee #1

    Death Star in SPACE

    Global Nominee #2

    Asteroid Belt Thriller

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    Best App Noir - Asteroid Belt Thriller
    Most Likely To Explode In Space - Death Star in SPACE



    Oakland, CAMap it
    Sudo Room
    4799 Shattuck Ave
    Oakland, CA
    United States

    Phil Wolff
    Email Phil
    Lisha Sterling
    Email Lisha
  • The following projects were worked on at Oakland:

    • Asteroid Belt Thriller

      Project Members from this location
      • Diana Salles
      • Blaze Sanders

      To educate the general publc about the reasons for the asteroid redirect mission, and how it works, in an indirect way, through entertainment. Aspects of the asteroid redirect Mission will be revealed as supporting facts in the drama, some will be crucial to solving its central question. A pla... Visit Project

    • Death Star in SPACE

      Project Members from this location
      • Blaze Sanders
      • Diana Salles

      I love Star Wars, and who doesn't... There have been proposals to build a Death Star in Space before. Just check out White House website at http://goo.gl/Q6WDB. They estimated the cost at $850 Quadrillion for a full scale (120 km / 74.5 mile) diameter system; ... Visit Project

    • Zen Space

      Project Members from this location
      • Zach Zeleznick

      The major long-term strategic goal of NASA is the future manned exploration of asteroids and Mars. Such missions are estimated to have round-trip mission durations of 400 - 450 days, and will present several key challenges. Among these, the behavioral health risks associated with prolonged con... Visit Project