Met Office, UK
  • The Met Office in Exeter is very proud to be hosting an event for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge for the fourth year in a row.

    In the UK, Met Office scientists, programmers and engineers will be joined in Exeter by science and technology enthusiasts and professionals from around the UK. Video links and social media will enable the teams to connect to other teams across the UK and the globe.

    We'd like to say a big thank you to our local sponsors, RS Components and Cray.

    For more information about our event take a look at our webpages


    Saturday 11th
    • 09:00 Registration & breakfast
    • 10:00 Schedule and logistics announcements
    • 10:15 Challenge pitches
    • 11:00 Begin developing
    • 12:30 Lunch break
    • 13:30 Developing continues
    • 18:00 Dinner break
    • 19:00 Show and tell
    • 20:00 End of day or continue development (optional)
    Sunday 12th
    • 09:00 Breakfast
    • 10:00 Begin developing
    • 12:00 Submission deadline
    • 12:00 Lunch break
    • 13:00 Presentations
    • 15:00 Judges voting – tea/coffee/cakes on balcony
    • 15:30 Awards and group photo
    • 16:00 Close

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Global Nominee #1

    Neuromorphic Asteroid Analysis

    Global Nominee #2


    People's choice

    Neuromorphic Asteroid Analysis

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    Highly Commended - Pyxis



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  • The following projects were worked on at Exeter:

    • Neuromorphic Asteroid Analysis

      Project Members from this location
      • Laurence Cullen
      • Jozef Friedmansky
      • Todor Trionski
      • fabian bunbury
      • Tristan Heaven
      • Mojtaba Amiri


      Currently there are many asteroids for which light curves exist but which classifications do not, ideally spectroscopic investigations would be performed on each of these bodies in turn to define their spectroscopic class. This project aims to link the photometric propert... Visit Project

    • Pyxis

      Project Members from this location
      • Bill Sellers
      • Andy Robinson
      • Sophie Dennis
      • Andy Wood
      • James Murfin
      • Christopher Brake
      • Adam Tomkins
      • Katherine Tomkins
      • Adrian Wood
      • Louise Dennis
      • Gwendolen Sellers

      Aim of the project is to create a fun game to:

      Educate Engage Collaborate

      Multiple player, level based game to reconstruct the constellations. Combined mobile phone and computer game to help people learn about the constellations in the night sky.

      Visit Project

    • Space Suit-case - Don't forget your toothbrush

      Project Members from this location
      • Martha Sedgwick
      • Zoe Woolfenden
      • Rachael Brown
      • Rupert JOHNSTONE
      • Michelle Moinzadeh
      • David rufus
      • Steven Frazier-Roberts
      • Nawal Husnoo

      We aim to produce a range of solutions that explore the problem of how it might be possible to personalise the experience of space travel through the clothes and accessories that an astronaut takes into space with them. The project aims to produce a flatpack suitcase of clothing and personal e... Visit Project

    • At.Sat App

      Project Members from this location
      • Boris Dorian Tane Kegne
      • Jamie Reynolds
      • Jon Day
      • Kris Sum

      The project aims to develop a web based app which uses inertial and GPS data from a cell phone, with the telemetry data from the ISS in order to give the opportunity to the user to localise the ISS in the sky. The web based application could be launched from any web browser, enabling any cell ... Visit Project

    • Lassie

      Project Members from this location
      • Mitchel  Wang
      • Michael Saunby
      • Russell Taylor
      • Nigel Tonkin
      • Emma Tonkin

      We establish a set of rules for LASSIE compliant autonomous devices and with a prototype built from Lego EV3 and cunning software attempt to create the required capabilities and behaviours to recognise communication failures, assess damage and where needed fetch appropriate assistance.

      Visit Project

    • Cloud Mining challenge

      Project Members from this location
      • Philip Pe
      • Mark Webb
      • Kate Brown
      • Ieuan Lovett
      • eugenio pombi
      • Philip Pe

      We are a team which is a mix of Met Office staff and other Space Apps regulars. We have come up with our own challenge which is relevant to the Space Apps Earth theme. We are interested in applying novel multivariate analysis techniques to analyse climate models and observed data including c... Visit Project

    • FabLab Devon

      Project Members from this location
      • Paloma Redmond
      • Glyn Cowles

      We aimed to develop a way to 3D print items such as syringes in space. These syringes needed to be accurate, simple and reliable. Printing allows us to create custom volume syringes with multiple uses using both rigid and flexible materials.

      Visit Project