It is with privilege that we invite you to be apart of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge to be hosted at the Microsoft Innovation Centre on the 11th and 12th of April 2015. The Brisbane regional round of the International Competition will attract talent from a multiplicity of disciplines, including science, engineering, technology, mathematics, health, law, business, education and creative industries. By virtue of invigorating innovation in the NASA challenge, the weekend long event will embrace keynote speakers, mentors, demonstrations, interactive workshops, and networking.

    Registrations are now open: 

    NASA educates and empowers students to acquire knowledge and skills in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, by way of thinking boldly, taking initiative and acting globally. It would be an honour to support all those interested in participating in fulfilling their personal, academic and career aspirations as a part in challenges at the NASA International Space Apps Challenge.

    The NASA spaceapps challenge demands collaborative problem solving on a global scale with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to address needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space.

    This year, participants will collaboratively develop solutions for challenges that support NASA’s mission directorates in four themes: Earth, Outer space, Humans and Robotics.

    We are excited to be hosting this event at the  Microsoft Innovation Centre as it offers great spaces for innovative solutions to germinate. A multidisciplinary approach to effectuating the projects will be most advantageous for the development of extraordinary designs. 

    We will be facilitating the formation of elite trans-disciplinary teams who will have the potential to collaborate with groups on aerospace projects virtually, on a national or international level. 

    As the official hosts of the NASA event in Brisbane, we are dedicated to the delivery of an event of high distinction at the Queensland Microsoft Innovation Centre.

    Please join our Facebook event page: NASA INTERNATIONAL SPACEAPPS: BRISBANE 

    We are excited to see you at the Brisbane NASA event!

    Alexandra Tran & Yasseen Abdel-Magied

    Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering



    Registration will open on March the 2nd. Register via This is through the official NASA website.

    The challenges and you

    NASA space apps will release 25 challenges on March the 11th and can be accessed in the tab above. Once these challenges are released we ask you to familiarise yourself with them and determine with which your skill set and interest will benefit. 

    If you are certain which you want to do a project before the space apps weekend, organise a team and set up your project and get everyone in your team to join.

    There will be awesome prizes on the day so consider impact, sustainability, creativity, relevance, and of course your final presentation. 

    Any Questions? Email the leads or post on Facebook

    Event Partners:

    This event would not be possible without all the support that is offered by partners, collaborators and promoters. Below we have listed the organisations who have helped us on our journey and we encourage you check them out in the sponsor section below.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Global Nominee #1


    People's choice


    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    Most Innovative - M3DiBOX
    Peoples Choice - M3DiBOX



    BrisbaneMap it
    Microsoft Innovation Centre
    400 George Street
    Brisbane, Queensland

    Alexandra Tran
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    Yasseen Abdel-Magied
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  • The following projects were worked on at Brisbane:

    • Mission In Star Cam (MISC)

      Project Members from this location
      • Brock Little
      • Emmanuel Sadewater
      • Steven Apirana
      • Avishek  Chandra
      • Jade Withers
      • Ethan Oxford
      • Kieren Chiang

      This project aims to design and model a feasibility demonstrator of a nano-satellite (e.g. cubesat) that can orbit and take pictures of deep space spacecraft during events of interest, e.g. planetary flybys.

      Visit Project

    • UQ ZGB AUS ( work in progress )

      Project Members from this location
      • Thomas Davern
      • Zi Huang
      • Robert Cronin
      • Harsh Pandya
      • Nathan Gough
      • Su Kyaw
      • Thomas Davern

      We aim to produce a detailed design and simulation of an autonomous aerial vehicle which has the capability to: - autonomously navigate a populated spacecraft - safely transport a 2 kg payload a suitable distance (~5m) - pick up and detach the payload

      This will be achieved through the u... Visit Project


      Project Members from this location
      • Emily Entwistle
      • Andrew Entwistle
      • Petra McCullagh
      • Glenn
      • Ryley Caldwell
      • Lachlan  Caldwell
      • David Corporal
      • Kyla Adams

      This project aims to enable users to learn about the entire NASA mission process from the initial planning stages to launch. "LAUNCH READY" is an offline C# Game that utilises data from Case studies on previous NASA missions to make game-play as realistic as possible. "LAUNCH READY" consists o... Visit Project

    • ClearSkiesAhead

      Project Members from this location
      • Aaron Snoswell

      ClearSkiesAhead aims to inspire Citizen Scientists to collect a variety of consistent cloudless sky images from their local areas, to add sky image data to the Aeronet (AErosol RObotic NETwork) and other air quality monitoring databases.

      ClearSkiesAhead will achieve this by using its us... Visit Project

    • M3DiBOX

      Project Members from this location
      • Yasseen Abdel-Magied
      • Melanie Jozefowski
      • Vasu Lakkoju
      • Sonia Dong
      • Andy Wong

      We have redesigned the existing medical kit by replacing the existing neck brace with a repurposed box that can perform the same task by acting as a splint for a neck, arm or leg injury. We have also designed a lightweight, compact, modular "Swiss Army knife" for small medical devices. A large... Visit Project