Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK)
  • Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) aim is to connect to scientific research and development with the business sector, focusing on creating new job opportunities oriented towards the future, based on knowledge and new technology. It was founded to support entrepreneurship, innovation and commercially based business development, with a focus on information and communication technology. The Centre supports both start-ups and existing companies with the potential for growth.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Global Nominee #1

    NatEv Explorer

    Global Nominee #2

    Space travel Agency

    People's choice

    NatEv Explorer

    Best Use of Data

    NatEv Explorer

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    People's choice - NatEv Explorer
    Global Nominee #1 - NatEv Explorer
    Global Nominee #2 - Space travel Agency
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    Rexhep Mala 28A
    Pristina, Kosovo

    Uranik Begu
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  • The following projects were worked on at Pristina:

    • Space travel Agency

      Project Members from this location
      • Robert Shala
      • Fatjon Malushaj
      • Drilon Selmanaj
      • Albert Lekaj
      • Fatjon Malushaj

      This application aims to illustrate the personal cost for a person that wishes to travel at LEO. We believe that in the future, going into earth orbit as a tourist attraction will become a reality. Our application took the model fo the Falcon 9 from SpaceX with the capacity of taking 20 humans... Visit Project

    • NatEv Explorer

      Project Members from this location
      • taulant mehmeti
      • Arlind Dushi
      • Blend Mehmeti
      • Zana Bytyqi
      • Muhamed Retkoceri

      Earth is pictured every day and it is impossible for a few scientists to find most of the natural events from the sheer volume of satellite imagery available. Crowdsourcing the exploration would make this challenge possible. NatEv Explorer aims to achieve that by providing an interactive web-... Visit Project