The NatEv Explorer project contributes in the discovery of the natural hazards and catastrophes that happen every second around the world. It encourages the crowdsource to discover and “tag” interesting natural events and potential threats to humans through the real-time earth observatory data provided by NASA.

This project is solving the Volcanoes, Icebergs, and Cats from Space challenge.


Earth is pictured every day and it is impossible for a few scientists to find most of the natural events from the sheer volume of satellite imagery available. Crowdsourcing the exploration would make this challenge possible. NatEv Explorer aims to achieve that by providing an interactive web-based globe with the most interesting/dangerous events shown at their location of happening in which the users have the ability to view some additional data of the event and possibly get inspired to explore for other events and submit them to the web application. The most rated submitted events will be shown on the 3d representation of earth.

The NatEv Explorer web app consists of:

• The interactive 3d globe with the possibility to explore it, zoom and rotate 360 degrees, to view the location of several most rated events separated in different geological event categories. Hovering over the events results in a pop-up with textual and media information about it.

• The left side panel of controls enables the user to select categorized geological events in order to view them in meaningful ways shown on the 3d representation of earth.

• The right side panel contains a three tabbed menu, “hot”, “recent”, “explore” enabling the user to navigate through the events. The Hot tab shows the top rated events. On click of an event additional information will be displayed. Recent consists of the events recently added.

• The users are able to register and get ranked on the basis of the daily discoveries. If the user’s event submission is rated positively than the rank of the user is increased. This system could inspire competition among users.

Future Functionalities:

• The NatEv Explorer could use Artificial Intelligence to recommend the category of an event not categorized on submission. The system could use pattern recognition and image processing to identify different phenomenons. An Artificial Neural Network can be used to classify events into categories and continuously learn from existing categorized events.


Project Information

License: W3C License (W3C)

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Natural events visible from NASA satellites -
Background on hazards and disasters visible from NASA satellites -
Sample mapping code to use NASA’s satellite imagery API -
NASA’s satellite imagery API -


  • Muhamed Retkoceri
  • Rinor Maloku
  • Arnold Plakolli
  • Zana Bytyqi
  • Blend Mehmeti
  • Arlind Dushi
  • taulant mehmeti