We All Care, is a collaborative platform for humanitarian aid. It provides the underlying logistic infrastructures to support the easy coordination of calls for help and donations of services, products or capabilities. It is not aimed at raising funds but entirely based on people's aspiration for helping and being solider. One of the main We All Care aid category is related to natural disaster (for example flooding due to a tsunami , volcano aches blocking all airports, etc).

This project is solving the Volcanoes, Icebergs, and Cats from Space challenge.


The We All Care platform purposes are:

  • to allow the easy creation of an event - in order to call for help through an inventory and breakdown of the required needs associated to a particular event.

  • to monitor the status and evolution of a particular event - through monitoring data (NASA data for example), complemented with inputs from the local community or deployed on-site aid agencies in order to feedback the evolution of the needs to the inventory of calls for help.

  • to allow a community of individual volunteers to offer their help (for e.g shelters offer in the vicinity of the affected zone; or help in the coordination), or private companies willing to donate their services (for e.g transport of medication by a commercial transport airline), or as a support coordination platform and needs inventory for aid agencies looking for complementary organisational infrastructure.

Creation of events and help donations rely on a heavy data bases set ups and algorithms supporting the back-end of the collaborative platform. We All Care is very ambitious programme and platform. The first iteration of it will focus pn setting up the tools for the demand and offer of shelters around an affected zone - assuming the NASA data helps identifying the affected zone.

In the future, We All Care aims at expanding to all aspects related to natural disasters and go beyond by providing general support for development aid (for e.g providing solar panels, satellite phones and internet for a school in Africa).

NOTE: Website was built with WordPress. However huge part of the code has been coded by team members (Google Maps, forms to talk to database, etc.). That code you will find on our GitHub Page (it is already incorporated into our Main Project on Wordpress). https://github.com/WeAllCare2015/WeAllCare

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)

Source Code/Project URL: http://weallcare.net16.net/


WeAllCare Github, part of the source code - https://github.com/WeAllCare2015/WeAllCare


  • dorian buksz
  • Andy Schofield
  • Gen Ashley
  • Subhan Shaffi
  • Yasrine Ibnyahya
  • Oscar Boullosa