This project is solving the Volcanoes, Icebergs, and Cats from Space challenge.

Our project aims to achieve:

To create a new app which is user friendly, fast and accessible for everyone : from those very scientifically adept to those who are lesser in their knowledge of this field but still have strong interest and passion in knowing more about planet or the solar system or even just enjoying their free time while learning more about something they are just curious about.

This app will provide the knowledge and visibility of various geological events around our planet as well as cosmological events that take place in and around our solar system and the solar systems beyond.

Not purely a database, SkyGlass will provide a social networking feature which will allow the user's to "Like" or "Dislike" the pictures following a similar mechanic to apps such as Tinder with a swipe left or swipe right system, additionally the user is able to not only share content they like across various social media websites, they would also be able to actively comment on the images themselves allowing a huge amount of community interaction on the app itself, leveraging the same dynamic of online forums.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Oliver Tedder
  • Joe Money-Chappelle
  • Kanke Ishaku
  • Peter Bartram
  • eleonora rocca
  • Deep Shah
  • James Lynn
  • Enmanuel Cueva
  • Jack Hopkins
  • Neel Savani