The Lorax Viewer will be a mobile app (and website?) that will allow citizen scientists to report on forest deforestation and degradation due to man-made or natural effects/disasters. The app will also have trending and visualization of reported data, including visual mapping of current and historical data. Additional data feeds may be from open data sources or sensor feeds.

This project is solving the Forest Monitor Mapping challenge.


Lorax Viewer Inspiration

Dr. Seuss invented The Lorax (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lorax) as one of the first environmental characters ("I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees."), and the story was a call to action for deforestation.

The Mobile App

The Lorax Viewer app will allow anyone to participate as a citizen scientist and report on what they see around them in the way of land cover and how it is changing. This will allow mapping and reporting of forest deforestation and degradation due to man-made or natural effects/disasters. Additional reports will support trending and visualization.

App Data Capture

The app will capture:

  • location data,

  • pictures,

  • a description of the land cover (not necessarily negative),

  • tags,

  • estimation of the size of the reporting area,

  • date of the report,

  • and perhaps a simple scale of emotional impact (good or bad).

App Components

The app will use BlueMix for the back-end and database, but should also have the capability to work offline (for data capture).

The app itself should be in HTML5 and use either Phonegap/Cordova or Ionic Framework to allow support for Android/iOS/Windows/etc.

Would also like to ingest open data for historical trending. And ingest sensor feed data.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/mkobar/LoraxViewer


The Lorax's Save the Trees Game - http://www.seussville.com/games/lorax/
The Lorax - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lorax


  • Brice Lemke
  • Pandiyarajan Jeyabalan
  • mkobar