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    Deforestation and forest degradation are increasingly prominent environmental issues; especially in the tropics.

    Currently, Land Use and Cover Change (LUCC) assessments are one of the key tools used to understand land use dynamics and the underlying causes of change through the use of observations and modelling. These assessments are generally lacking specific in-situ information about the causes of deforestation, which can be improved with crowdsourced data.


    This challenge asks you to enable crowdsourced local data to contribute to assessments of land cover change and the contributing factors. We’d like you to develop an application to help monitor deforestation and forest degradation, and the reasons behind it. You could develop a crowdsourced data collection and visualization application that incorporates information about the rate and intensity of the changes, and maps events (e.g. fires/ clearings/ land grabs). You could also use datasets derived from satellite monitoring of land use changes. Such an application could potentially capture local people's feelings about the changes and help to highlight where issues exist.


    The app would be very useful if it could source from contributors the following data as a minimum specification:
    • GPS identification of locations
    • Estimation of land area
    • Explanation of the reasons behind the deforestation/ forest degradation.
    • Functionality to upload relevant images (e.g. forest clearings, fires etc.)
    • Key dates of events/ when observations were made.

    Additionally, the following specifications could be considered:
    • Incorporation of a list of the common reasons behind deforestation/ forest degradation that the user could weight in order of importance.
    • Visual mapping of the crowdsourced data.

    Advanced applications could involve:
    • Development of an index to determine the idealistic potential of each country to be self-sufficient in provision of food for the people living there, based on the population and the availability of arable land.
    • Development of an index/ assessment approach to determine how sustainable each country's current approach is, based on the sensibility of land use and the import/ export trade.
    • Mapping of historical variability in these indices.
    • Incorporation of additional economic/ environmental/ livelihood factors, e.g. crop pricing, vulnerability to climate change, human development index etc.

    Sample Resources(Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

    Relevant Datasets (Participants do not have to use these resources, and NASA in no way endorses any particular entity listed).

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Forest Watch

      An Android App to monitor deforestation and other natural/man-made events that are harming forests via crowdsourcing. Visit Project


      (Text copied under Apache license link to original ) The use of remote sensing satellites to help forecast and monitor disasters like floods and landslides is literally of vital importance. The life-saving potential need not end with basic remote sen... Visit Project

    • ELEO remote sensing - forecasting floods, landslides and insect pest outbreaks

      **ELEO remote sensing - forecasting floods, landslides and insect pest outbreaks, with a focus on East Africa** [Draft - April 1st, 2015] To be submitted as a theme for a team project at the 2015 International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) in Tokyo ISAC Challenge Category: **Earth** Ove... Visit Project

    • Green Paper

      Our project aim to reduce Forest wost,we will achive this by monitoring and developing a new device. Visit Project

    • GhabaProject - Akhawayn University

      Our project aims to create an open, online, database for users all around to world to submit and access information concerning forest degradation and deforestation. Visit Project

    • Foresteam

      ForesTeam busca recibir las alertas de eventos que producen deforestación a través de una App que permita a los civiles informar de la ocurrencia de estos hechos y georeferenciarlos. Esta información podrá ser visualizado en una plataforma web en la cual se presentarán mapas y estadísticas de los... Visit Project

    • GreenPaperWorld

      Our project aim to reduce Forest lost.We will achieve this by monitoring and developing recycle paper device for home use. Visit Project

    • Firal

      The project helps in visualizing the data instantly on the mobile phone using datasets derived from satellite monitoring of land. Currently, the datasets are captured by satellite and derived in tabular form using sms & email system. We aim to develop an android application to make more cleare... Visit Project

    • Forest Monitor Mapping

      Additionally, the following specifications could be considered: Incorporation of a list of the common reasons behind deforestation/ forest degradation that the user could weight in order of importance. Visual mapping of the crowdsourced data. Visit Project

    • Lorax-Viewer

      ## Lorax Viewer Inspiration **Dr. Seuss** invented **The Lorax** ( as one of the first environmental characters ("I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees."), and the story was a call to action for deforestation. ## The Mobile App The Lorax Viewer app will... Visit Project

    • 4Forest

      4Forest android/web app is developed with an aim of monitoring and conserving forest, This project combines an android app with a web app to achieve the aim. Android app is used to crowdsource the data about the factors that lead to forest degradation and deterioration; web app is for visualisat... Visit Project

    • NamingNature

      For Learners: We walk by thousands of plants every day that remain a mystery to us. Naming Nature lets you name the natural world you live in. Go exploring and translate nature as you roam. For Conservationists: Researchers, preservationists, and planners cannot make informed decisions b... Visit Project

    • Forest Tracker

      Forest Tracker is a project aimed to help people who want to keep track of deforestation and forests in general. By introducing an easy to navigate through app, we hope to provide a pleasant and simple experience for people seeking to improve their knowledge of forest status. We also hope to enco... Visit Project

    • Forest MipMapping

      Nuestro proyecto busca el registro de información sobre los bosques más allá de lo que se ve a través de los satélites. Mediante el simple registro del correo electrónico y la subida de una foto (con posibilidad de comentario), sobre el mapa del bosque aparece un indicador en las coordenadas ... Visit Project


      The major purpose of this application is to help the departments of Forest Engineering for the protection and care of the environment, avoiding physical visits to different forests for taking pictures, saving time and financial resources, the usefulness of the application will be using the social... Visit Project

    • WIldfire Tracker

      ##30 Sec Explainer Video## The video doesn't appear to be embedding in this page correctly, so here is a direct link to it on YouTube: [Link to 30 Sec Explainer Video on YouTube]( "30 Sec Explainer Video") ##Background on the Project## *The true costs of wi... Visit Project

    • Treelove

      #Nigeria Deforestation -> Not replanting for economic or social reasons 55.7% of Primary forests lost { 2000 .. 2005 } #Local problem Nigeria increase in °C ( 1.1°C ) > Global mean (0.74°C) Rainfall in the country decreased by 81mm { 1901 to 2005 } National parks and reserves... Visit Project

    • Space Forester Game

      #Challenge: Forest Monitor Mapping ##Project name: Space Foresters #Team Our team comes from different backgrounds, but we all share a common interest in making the earth a better place. That led us to an idea of creating an app that can monitor deforestation, the reasons behind it and... Visit Project

    • Forest Guardian

      Forest Guardians helps to reduce the reaction time to attack and dissolve Forest Fires with data visualization, we took raw data and created relationships among them, allowing us to generate a approximate prediction of the fire behavior and factors that can help to terminate them. Raw data its... Visit Project

    • SocialEyes Forest

      SOCIALEYES FOREST ================== The project tries to involve the public into forest preservation efforts using a social app and web plataform for enviro-events sharing combined with multitemporal satellite images and user supplied custom map layers for complete analysis of impact, evolut... Visit Project


      TREE HOPE is a web application platform, which manage notifications from users on acts of deforestation, also manages data from temperature and humidity sensors to monitor temperature variations in natural protected areas. , it allows users to report deforestation events or disasters, sending the... Visit Project

    • ScanForest

      ScanForest is an application which aims to ensure the conservation of forests, through the creation of alerts (partial or total loss of trees) which are reported to technical collaborators, i.e. members of state organizations that are responsible for ensuring environmental care, non-governmental ... Visit Project

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