A simple game/application featuring the sounds in an interactive way. To be able to use the sounds we will be analyzing them first to find interesting patterns. Maybe we can find a way to extract images based on the provided sounds. or we will be using the sounds to introduce clips that can be used commercially on electronic gadgets as background tracks or themes. In short we will be combining engineering, art and creativity together to find new ways to analyze and use the sounds available on the database.

This project is solving the Can You Hear Me Now? Space-y Sounds challenge.


our project aims at making use of the vast library of space sounds provided by NASA and making it accessible to people from allover the world in an interactive and entertaining way, making the experience fruitful and enjoyable. We will be achieving this through an online radio and interactive game for different tastes of the space experience, with the user having the choice whether to just indulge themselves in the audibles of space or take a compelling ride through space, experiencing the sounds as they go while learning about space and NASA missions.

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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  • Nouranology
  • mohamed sayed
  • Mohamed Emera
  • Ammar Sharshera
  • Abdullah Mantawi